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Monday, December 13, 2010

I really don't like people sending us messages to ask us to vote for them on facebook...
It's so....Not to say ma fan la, just a few clicks away...but it's so unfair!!!
Like this hor, if one person has 4000 friends, and another has 100, then no need to think who will win liao lo!
If your 作品 is good, naturally people will vote for you, no need to ask de ma!!!
But, since almost every contestant is doing this, I guess it's only fair to do so too =.=||

Anyway, what I actually wanted to blog about was, the reason why I keep tugging my hair out. =.=
Really, it's becoming a long as I'm alone with nothing to preoccupy my hands, out comes my hair. :S
But hor I pull my hair out also gt reason 1 lo.
I only pull those that feel very 不"顺手" (think of 顺眼 and you'll know what I mean).
They are 坏了的头发~
And there are a lot of them, almost half of my hair, or maybe more!
And they all look like this...

NAH! 该拔没有!!!!!!
Anyway my head (especially the top part) is covered in bristles now...
At least it means that my hair grows quite fast lo! :D That's a good thing...
But I don't think I dare to go to have my hair cut for at least a year or so, it would be soooooooo embarassing if the hairdresser asked "hey y ur hair here so short de?"~~
Anyway, end of post.

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