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Friday, December 17, 2010

I don't like...

Continuation of this post...

31. People who feel the need to kill mosquitoes who are standing on me
Hello...this is MY blood they are sucking!!!! I also dun care alrd!!! U care so much for what!!!! I really HATE people who slap mosquitoes on MY body!!!!!!!! :@ It's not you, of coz you dun care la, it's not you who's being slapped!!!! :@

32. Clowns
Scary...I really dunno why they even exist. They are NOT funny. I remember last time in primary school, got one year the conjurer on Children's Day was dressed up as a clown. When I was on my way to the toilet, I saw him standing there talking to the teachers, and I ran away. T.T

33. Ginger
Unless it's ginger beer.

34. Chilli
Why do people enjoy torturing their tongues so much? :S

35. Unhappy endings

36. Unknown endings
This one I really hate... =.= if u too lazy to think of an ending, juz say so la, many ppl willing to help u!!! dun juz hang in the middle there!!!!

37. Desperate attention seekers

38. People who think they understand me so well =.=|||

39. People who use Xmas instead of Christmas, Santa instead of Jesus

40. People who use bad words in every single sentence

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