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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I don't like...

1. The smell of cars
They make me sick!!!

2. The smell of newspapers
They just smell black and dirty, that's why I never read them

3. The smell of toilet paper

4. The smell of rabbits' urine especially when it rains
Well, I know nobody likes this...but seriously, it's getting very unbearable lately!!!

5. Smoke
Either from cigarettes or from a burning rubbish heap. Btw I went to the Long Jiang mee restaurant just now, and to my horror, I realized that cigars were actually Sold there... =.=||!!!! It's a place where people EAT, hello!!! And the sign which read that cigars are banned from being sold to people under's just stupid!!! It doesn't matter whether you are above or below still have lungs and it's your duty to keep them healthy!

6. Chewing gum
Coz it's very disgusting when u spit it out...I remember the first time I chewed one, I didn't dare to spit it out for a long time coz I didn't want to look at it!!!

7. Comics
Too luan4...I can't understand... @.@

8. People who eat loudly and slurp their soups
Ok I may sound like Miss Table Manners...but this isn't about manners!! Ok la maybe it is. But it's just about me and my behtahanness to sounds like this. I really cannot tahan!!! Every time I hear it, I have to leave the table (without telling the person why la of coz), coz I really cannot tahan!!!! I wanna vomit or fly into a temper every time I hear it.

9. The squeak of a metal ruler on a table...or chalk on the blackboard...or fingernails on cloth...
CANNOT TAHAN!!!! I want to rub it with my fingers afterwards to make it...erm...dunno make it what! Ask Gail, she has the same habit haha~

10. Walking on wet ground with my bare feet

11. Killing those little red ants with my bare fingers
No, I am Not sorry for them. And of coz la I hate killing anything with my fingers. But these ants are different, they die so easily coz they're so small and fragile! And the reason why I hate killing them is bcoz they leave a really SICKly Sweet smell on my fingers, yuck!!!

12. People who wake me up
It doesn't matter who (father, sisters, future husband, telephone), why (I'm going to b late, I'm sleeping on their side of the bed, it's simply too late to sleep anymore), where (in the classroom, on the bed...but I dun mind if it's in the car coz that will mean that we've nearly reached the destination yay), how (hello??, wei wake up liao wake up liao wake up liao).

13. People who switch off the fan
Ok la strictly speaking, I don't exactly dislike the People la. I just don't like it when the fan is switched off (unless it's really cold), coz it feels so kuk and quiet.

14. People who forget what I say after I've repeated it for at least Three times
Actually, the person whom I'm referring to (yala juz one person only la, u dun hv to be afraid that it's u coz that person is Not a reader of this blog =.=), he Asked me the same question for 3 times...and I answered him exactly the same answer for 3 times...after that he asked me again and he actually said “人家不懂嘛”!!!! :@!!!! And it was all Within a month summore!!!!! :@ :@ :@!!!! Just for everybody's info, my fb's status Ujznvrmbwtisaydou? Btidcnwttidluanymr. ...can you understand it now? cannot? I translate for you!! You just never remember what I say do you? But I don't care now that I don't like you anymore. I DON'T CARE I DON'T CARE. :@

15. Blogging when other people are around
Or typing. Coz it feels so bu4 zi4 zai4.

16. Girls with overloud voices, boys with overdeep voices
Girls...just bcoz they're too noisy and I can't sleep. =.=zzzzz... Boys bcoz I usually can't hear a word they say, frequency too low. =.=|||

17. Slim people
Dun care male or female, they just make me look fat beside them T.T

18. People who make me jealous
It doesn't matter in what way, 嫉妒 or 羡慕 or 吃醋。

19. The dryness and horrible brownness of my own hair T.T

20. People who speak in Cantonese to me when they know perfectly well that I don't speak the language. =.=
In case you dunno, let me explain to you... I Don't speak Cantonese although my family members all speak it. I can understand it perfectly, and I watch Hong Kong dramas. I just don't speak it. =) Btw I really Did try it out at home (when I was alone of coz!), and I just sounded really horrible. I suppose I need practice, but I really couldn't care less. ;)

21. Reading new books
Don't get me wrong...I love the Words inside the books... But new books are all so New!!! No dog's ears, no pages that are almost tearing out in the middle...... It's so stressful to read a new book la! ><" Coz I'm a very rough person actually (u look at my reference books and you'll either faint or realize what I mean), and I will surely spoil a book that has been entrusted in my care for one month or so.

22. Butterflies
Ok I hate bees too. And all insects, and all animals. But butterflies are...scary!!!!!!!! The way they flap their wings!!! The way that they Are nothing but two pieces of wings!!!! I hate butterflies even if they Are pretty...

23. Sharing a bottle with somebody else
I don't care whether it's a close friend or a family member. I just don't like drinking other people's saliva eww!!!

24. Motorbikes
Especially those who go brrumm brrrrrrummmm brrrummmmmm zzzzzoooooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmm... (ok the last one is bcoz I dunno what sound to put, I tried piuuu and booommmm but they didn't seem quite right, so I'll just assume that you know the sound they make when the zoom past your house), and those who really feel the need to fill the entire road with Smoke.

25. Trains
I won't deny it. I'm just scared of them.

26. Eating outside with Daddy
He eats so fast, I'm SO STRESSED!!!!!!! Actually I don't really eat very slow la ok (well, not at home), but I always eat slower than usual when I'm at school, food stalls, restaurants or any public place. Coz I need to 顾仪态! And I'm the sort of person who can't drink a cup of water / soup / finish a meal without spilling some of it down the front of my shirt, or down my chin. At home, at least I can wash it off. But I can't at other places!!! And I don't dare to take mouthfuls that are too big either, coz I'll look like a gorilla and I won't be able to answer people when they speak to me.

27. Walking for long distances / Running
Not bcoz I will 脚酸, but bcoz I'll find it hard to breathe and have chest pains. I know I have low stamina! ><

28. People who judge a Person by his/her appearance
Fine, I do that too. But I don't do that once that I've got to know the person personally.

29. Signing
Coz my signature is sooooo childish I feel like crying every time I see it!!! But I dunno how else to sign it liao and maybe it's too late to change my signature since I've used for so many things already!!!!

30. My short fingernails
...But I can't help them! They get dirty every time they grow slightly longer. T.T And my skin gets worse too!! So I have to cut them off and just pretend that I enjoy being a good little girl that obeys the school rules. T.T But now no excuse liao lo!!! =(

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