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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Let's talk about yesterday!!! BIOLOGY EXAM!!!!!!!!!
So~~~ I slept for about 1 hour plus on Tuesday night, or maybe Wednesday morning~
And I had a feeling that I was going to ahem on that day~~~
A very very strong feeling~~~~ :(

Then!!! It was Bio Paper 1~~~
And dunno why hor I KEEP TELLING MYSELF NOT TO CHANGE MY ANSWERS ANYMORE~ But I KEEP doing it for every single exam T_T AND THE RESULTS ARE ALWAYS THE SAME!!!!!! So many answers that I got right AT FIRST, but then I duo shi duo shi go and correct it and in the end it's wrong. T_T SAD!!!!!!!!!!

Then Paper 2!!!! GAIL!!!! THE 3rd chapter, the things that you taught me, was the FIRST essay question!!! :D wahaha!!!! But dunno why hor, dunno is I can't elaborate or what la, I always kurang one mark de~~~ I mean for example there's 8 marks, but I will finish in 7 sentences and can't think of the 8th. :(

Then, I felt something. T_T

Then when I went home, Confirmed that the something was real. Why am I being so secretive ar? After all, we all learn about it in Form 3 and Form 5. Ok la I open a bit. It was the first day of my menstrual cycle. =.= I feel very paiseh now la!!!! ><

Anyway, that was the reason why I had a slight stomachache throughout the 2nd paper la.

And for the 3rd paper it was worse, very gou4 li4 punya pain la T_T!!!!!!
PLUS!!!!!! The stupid stupid exam question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (fine I know the one to blame is me, but it feels sooooooo much better to blame other people :D)
I could still see the diagram in the reference book in my mind's eye!!!! But the diagram was very blur!! And anyway I langsung didn't read the procedure coz I really thought it wouldn't come out T_T
So in the end, I wrote something totally DIFFERENT from the book!!! :( But that's nothing special la, I'm always inventing experiments and getting nil marks for them.

Erm so now I only have one subject left. TIME REALLY FLIES!!! But this time it's in a good way hahaha!

And! I really do not think that I will get a lot of A's in this exam. It's not like I don't have faith or whatever. It's just that I KNOW that I don't deserve them. Coz you see hor I exam still everyday online!! ok la maybe some days dun have la. And hor I was still watching youtube dramas on the DAY before my Maths exam!!! And moral addmaths physics following later de leh!!! So I don't deserve it lo.

That day I was praying a really childish prayer..."Dear God please PLEASE PLEASE give me straight A's for my exam...I WANT them I WANT THEM..."
basically it's like this la~~~ =.=|||
And then a voice said in my head~~ "What do you want it for?"
And I answered (also in my head) without thinking~ "For my pride~"

And then I realized...
That means I Won't need them (except for scholarships maybe)~
And I most probably will become a bit sombong if I DO get them~

So now, I don't care about them anymore! :D
7 A's (it's what daddy said he expected me to get Before the exams, but I think he's changed my mind since the exams started, coz of what I reported to him everytime after the exams >< ) would make me happy already.
Of coz, if I get less, I will be sad de la... :( and I think the possibility is quite great lo! For below I mean..

I mean...the science subjects hor. Physics overall I think I did much better than my trial, but I still made a lot of mistakes~~~ Bio, no hope la!!! at the most a B~ Chemistry I know I did quite well in paper 2 coz it was super easy but THE EXPERIMENT I INVENT DE. ><

Bm I forgot already, but hoping for A- at least! English I really really WANT an A...and I HOPE for A or A+, but it depends on my summary (I'm lousy at that!) and my essay, whether relevant or not~ Sejarah I think can get A- but got ONE WHOLE QUESTION in the structure part that I dunno how to answer. Maths, I WANT an A!!! Moral!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaaaaa I was so gun3 gua1 lan4 shu2 in all the definitions and the nilais!! But in the end So Few came out...all repeating de....and the POINT is I messed up on the questions!!! Beri maksud should be equivalent to Definisikan right?? At FIRST I really write like that de...but the Terangkan questions only got one or two! So I thought impossible that so few de, so I pandai-pandai go and change my Beri Maksud answers to the Terangkan ones, means I elaborated on the definition. But I only add at the front and the back only wor, the definition is still whole but it's kiaped in the middle, somebody please tell me that the examiner will pass it!!! I REALLY DID MEMORISE MA!!!!!! Add maths I forgot already!!!! A- or B+ la PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Ok finished.

Then last night me and Daddy had a really long talk about my future college. Erm actually it was him who did 95% of the talking la, but I got chu4 sheng1 a bit.

He said for me to study in KTAR and take A-levels!!! It's not decided yet, we're going to an Education Fair next next week. And many many about many things including his past life! 原来他以前是很穷很穷的~ 一家七口租一间小小间的房间~ 又没有风扇的!!! 真的看不出~ 现在这么会买东西~

ok la I'm going to take my dinner now bye~

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