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Friday, December 10, 2010


This is the continuation of the previous previous post. The one with the title dunnowhattoput.
First of all I want to ask WHY hor do I always... erm...THAT ONE on my Bio exam day?? is it coincidence? or bcoz I'm too stressed? Talking about being stressed, my pimples are at the peak of their glory, big and red and refusing to go away.

Then I want to confess that, I only knew that the day when we have our period is the first day of the menstrual cycle, on the night Before my Bio paper. I'm horrible I know. But I always thought that it was the 14th day. I guess I mixed it up with ovulation, even though I was examined in that during PMR. But my memory is short.

Then about the childish prayer. Actually I always shamelessly pray like that b4 every exam. =.= "Dear God please give me at least an A- in this exam...please...I Want it...I Need it...pleasepleaseplease..."
Well, not every exam la. I didn't in my Bio exam, coz I knew that I really didn't deserve it, and anyway I didn't care! Dun get less than C is enough la. >< And to think that I stupidly wanted to be a doctor when I was a kid! But that's almost every kid's ambition right? XD

When I was younger, according to ji4 nian4 ce4s, I wanted to be a doctor, teacher, inventor, and scientist. =.= Doctor...simply bcoz doctors were nice and kind and rich. Teacher...coz I was brought up in a primary school!! (now was I??? :S ) Inventor and Scientist...almost the same la! I just thought that they sounded cool...and another reason was I couldn't think of any other job. =.=
Now, they are all impossible. Just look at my Biology results. And my ability to teach someone something. And my Physics and Chemistry.

So...what is my ambition? I don't even have one now!! ><

Btw if I'm really going to TAR college, I'm starting school on the 10th of January. So I won't be able to carry out my plans after all. Well except for the 5th, 6th and 9th. I shall Probably slim down coz I can eat as little as I like. :D But I am one of those people who cannot stand being hungry so don't worry I won't go too far. XD And well, I Have an excuse to get out of driving lessons! The excuse is, it's totally impossible la, no Time. And I won't have to figure out what to do next year coz it's already decided. :) As for the other plans...I'll leave them till next year's end-of-year holidays (I'll be 18 by that time HOW FAST)...coz I get holidays starting from November.

IF's so not decided yet...

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