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Thursday, December 30, 2010


2010 is coming to an end, so I'm going to do the boring blog post that 99.99% most people in the world are doing...Things I Did In 2010.

p/s:  not arranged in order

1. Sat for the biggest exam in my life so far
2. Finally met my one of my neighbour's children
3. Fell down on the road (the scar is still there, though not heart-shaped anymore)
4. Tumpang-ed two strangers' cars
5. Passed my birthday without celebrating it
6. Had an exam on my birthday and the day after that T.T
7. Received presents from my friends on the day of my birthday (first time! coz my birthday isn't a school day)
8. Paid back RM60++ to somebody, though not in the form of cash
9. Had a Wednesday's birthday, if not mistaken it's the 4th in my life
10. Spent a lot of time alone, yet didn't get used to it
11. Confessed my love to somebody I'd never met before (#=.=#)
12. Found out who my true friends were (this sounds so facebook-note-ish)
13. Fell down outside my classroom, causing a mini earthquake (the mark is still there!)
14. Found out something...was very happy at that time...but after that regretted for finding out at all
15. Did a lot of personality assessment tests, none of whom worked out
16. Got my 报应 for 装傻ing...that is super embarassment
17. Had pimples on my neck
18. Had big red oozing pimples all over my face
19. Thought I found my future partner
20. Had a new phone!!! ^^
21. Started listening to the radio
22. Considered studying Advertising or Psychology
23. Found out I was someone special after all
24. Got addicted to coffee (but I haven't had a drop since I finished my exams ^^)
25. Wrote the longest BM essay in my life
26. Furry Bear, DouFu (who is BunBun and BooBoo's son now), and erm...Big Pink Furry Hearty-Pawed Bear...were added to my bed
27. Got 2 notebooks for Christmas. (ok fine one is a diary)
28. Wrote a single entry in my diary (so saddddddd =.=)
29. Started using a camera
30. Gave up on the camera once I got my phone, coz I buy the camera batteries myself and they are so freaking the camera always sotsot one...
31. Thought I could _______.... (secret! :P)
32. Attended a cervical cancer talk
33. Got 3 环保袋s
34. Peaked at 48.2 kg, or maybe more coz I didn't dare to put myself on the scales for more than half a year =.= this is, I think...dunno lastlast week or b4 that de
33. Went down to 46.0 kg, yesterday after lunch :D
34. Got an E for my Bio ==
35. Became very patriotic =.=||
36. Met a lot of relatives on facebook
37. Wished that I hadn't added one of them =.=|| coz the relative is actually very very nice in real life...but online.......erm........
38. Ran away from rabbits
39. Accidentally let a teacher see me chasing after a big black cat...
40. Had 4 pairs of new shoes in one year
41. Three watches spoilt in one year
42. Got caned for being late (*sobsob)
43. Hated sometwo very much, who talked about me behind my back
44. Visited the first university I've ever been to...INTI
45. Enrolled at said university =.=
46. Visited UPM...and had a very very bad impression of it. =.= All it has is a very beautiful lake...other than that, NOTHING
47. Had a lot of nightmares =.=
48. Got my first personal second place in state level
49. Got addicted to Hoyle Board Games =.=
50. Just now b4 lunch I weighed myself again 45.2 kg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! !!! !!!!!!!
51. Started using the hairdryer.
52. Fell in like with Fish Leong after many many years of hating her
53. Abandoned my Neopets' pets for an entire year
54. Got obsessed with gaining arm muscle for a few weeks =.= dumbbells and all~~
55. Wore a mask for the first stuffy!...wait, was that last year? no I think it's this year...
56. Stuffed the stuffing back into Anna Doll and Furry Bear coz it came out in the washing machine :(
57. Sewed Minnie Bear's button back
58. Dreamt about dragonflies and millipedes
59. Got used to mice running about the house
60. Found out that lice had invaded my big table :(
61. Turned two beds into bookshelves
62. Slept on the dustiest bed in my life...coz I was lazy to change the bedsheets at that time, got exam
63. Discovered a lot of new reference and exercise books some weeks before SPM =.=
64. Blushed for the first time I can remember
65. Introduced the "moon" theory to somebody...and regretted it, coz the somebody was very much impressed by it and kept reminding me about it until now I find it quite disgusting liao =.=|| I Saw the status but I'm not going to say so :P
66. Liked Ella, ever since I watched her drama with Jerry Yan...I like both of them!!!
67. Had 2 new speakers in a year...:S But I actually prefer earphones and a phone...
68. Visited Nilai University College...and INTI for the second time...
69. Recognizing 2 leng zais at INTI that I'd met b4 during the STAR programme, but failed to recognize Mr Nazri, the first person I met there both times. == Even after I heard his name (2nd time), I didn't remember him...I just realized it when I found his email address written down somewhere afterwards. ==
70. Visited Tampin Shopping Centre countless times
71. Became obsessed with hair removal (in the form of plucking and shaving)
72. Went to Chia Chia Saloon 2 times...the only 2 times I cut my hair this year. Actually the 1st time I also thin down only, didn't cut short...the 2nd time I cut short last week...I'm very satisfied with the back part of my hair, juz dun like my fringe, looks horrible if I dun put a pin there. :(
73. Grew out of the colour pink. (on the spur of the moment...maybe I'll grow into it again T.T)
74. Got Johnny (blanket) split into half, he's now hanging together by a slip of cloth of less than 1 cm. T.T I DID try to repair him, sewwwwwwwwwwwwww many times. But...T.T Nobody can help kicking in their sleep...
75. Found out that my hp credit had reached RM0.44!!! How scarily horrible!!! All for the sake of using my hp to on9 to stalk someone on facebook...=.=
76. Found out that I still suck at chess =.=||
77. Did something that I had been doing last year (top secret!!!)
78. Lost a friend that I lost and gained last year
79. Had a lollipop!!! ^^ (even though a single lollipop in an entire year seems quite sad ==)
80. Tried eating an ice-cream on the street under the sun without using a plate for the first time...and failed terribly T.T
81. Was mistaken as the eldest by my uncle during CNY T.T When my elder sister is SIX years older than me!! just bcoz I'm the biggest in size T.T
82. Went for caroling for the first time in my life :D
83. Lost my temper in school, directly directed to the person
84. Spent Christmas Eve sleeping around the clock, except to eat and bathe =.=
85. Typed this super boring blog post, it's the first time I'm doing a post like this!

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