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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

wasted day

2day o~ actually I went to school to STUDY~~~ but I think my plan failed dramatically coz I was so tired all the time~~T_T

When I first woke up in the morning, the first thing I felt was.....!!!!!!!!!!! WEI!!! Why early 2 days de?! Last month it was 12th!!!!!!! T_T BU SHUANG. And I was up late too, so I only reached school at about 7.30++.

Then, the stomachaches started. And continued. And worsened. T_T until I dunno what to do, just sitting there hunched up. T_T And trying to do Add Maths and study Bio, and regretting that I didn't bring a nearer subject to study, Sejarah for instance.

Then, recess time...still stomachache... T_T And people were so noisy tiam, even in class... :(

After recess, I couldn't help it...I was so unbelievably tired (I slept BEFORE 1.30 last night, really!!!) I slept and slept and slept.
I did wake up at intervals. The first time, I saw that Mr Zainuri had disappeared, so 2 periods had passed. I looked through about 2 pages of Bio and dropped off again....Maths...1st period of BM...then I woke up and studied Bio...then off again...and up again at 1.30pm...then off again...then suddenly heard adrian's voice 李美心起来了~ 放学了~ and it was almost time (but the bell rang much later =.=) ~ then I just sat there waiting for the bell to ring lo. And my fringe had a weird shape (saw it when I got home), and my right arm (pillow) had quite a few marks from it...some were red and some were just marks from the watch on my left hand. =.=
So anyway, I'm home. =)

Oh and btw!!! My mood is not bad, not good. I don't think I've got any mood at all, I'm too physically preoccupied.

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