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Saturday, November 27, 2010


The reason why I prefer typing to talking is bcoz typing is so much more expressive, compared to my voice and face.
And people always see what I type, whereas most people can't hear a word that I say. =.= I mean...if I don't raise my voice, nobody will even Notice that I'm talking! =.=|| Whereas if I just type out IN CAPS LIKE THIS, EVERYBODY WILL NOTICE IT AT ONCE...right? XD

Refering to the first sentence...what do I mean by being expressive?
For example. If I'm angry. And I want to shout/quarrel with somebody. If I just shout it out, literally, in my own voice, I will get 词穷, and will end up either bursting into tears or bursting into laughter or just looking stupid. =.= But if I'm typing, I can just type I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ANGRY WITH YOU!!! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!! HOW CAN YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU EVEN CARE ABOUT MY FEELINGS?!!!!! YOU'RE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!! and so on...
And I can even stop to think about what angry sentence I should type next. Obviously I can't do the same thing if I'm really shouting. Coz I'm the sort of person that runs out of words within half a minute of talking. =.= Oh...and btw I really hate the sound of my own voice when I'm sounds so horrible! And I'll be so ashamed of it that I'll just shut up after a while. =.= Also, when I'm typing, NOBODY CAN INTERRUPT ME. Well, except in msn la, coz I don't type very fast. But still.

Next. Smilies can be used in typing. And smilies are SO MUCH BETTER than my Face.
When somebody makes a joke/says something funny, I won't have to just stand there and laugh awkwardly just bcoz I can't think of any answer. I can just type hahahahaha!! LOL!!!! zadao!!!!!!! like that also can!!!!!!XD and it'll look so nice, RIGHT?! Or I can just pretend to be cool and put a =.=|| . Of course, I can also pretend to be cool in real life, but I'll just look ugly. :(
And we can also use smilies when we want to be cute.=.= When I want to look cute and happy and all that rubbish in my typing, I'll just use ^^, ^_^ , (#^_^#). Just make sure the ^ key is working.
And when I want to be nice, I just use =), :D. Just not to look so cool.
And of course, no expression can ever replace this. ><" Just try making this expression with your face. And then look into a mirror. You'll scream.

And btw typing saves SUCH A LOT OF ENERGY!!! Usually I type with no expression at all on my face (like now), but the words that come out can appear hyper, angry, and have lots and lots of exclamation marks. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really very save energy lo.

And the best thing about typing is...nobody sees the actual you that's sitting behind a screen. So you can be as fake as you like. ;) You can be squealing for joy and hugging your knees and bouncing up and down and laughing wildly (of course, when you're alone la) just bcoz the person you like left a comment on your fb status / finds you in msn. And when you reply him/her, you can just say "hi." or "=.=" very coolly. hahaha!! I believe everybody has done this b4. XD And when people you don't like pretend to be funny, you can say "hahaha!!!!" just to please them. =.=||

And when I'm blogging, I can pause for just as long as I want just to think of what to type next. And I definitely can't do that when I'm talking. Erm...did I say that already? lol

And why am I using so many ands? XD

And I can type in English, whereas I can't Talk in English. Well, actually I can la, but I have a weird accent, dunno why T_T. And my vocabulary is limited to about ten words or so, also dunno why. T_T And I can also type T_T without actually crying. XD And XD without actually laughing. ;) And ;) without actually winking. =.=|| And =.=|| without actually sweating. okok enough enough...

I think...that I'm done for now, byebye....

oh...and I can type blek :P without actually putting out my tongue.

And btw, of course typing has its bads as well as its goods (sry something suddenly went wrong with my brain's dictionary)... Some people are actually very nice in real life, I really like them! But then dunno why, when it comes to Facebooking or Smsing, I just want to bash them, they're just sooooooo irritating.

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