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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hi. I'm 17 next month and I'm still afraid of irons.
I mean...when they're not even hot. Just now Daddy took out a brand new one from a box and showed it to me. And I just shied away when I saw the flat side of it. just freaks me out!!! I can't help it!!! But I still iron my own clothes la don't look at me like that!!!!!

And yesterday Daddy showed a knife to me. Very expensive de. And I found that I was scared of knives too, especially when he told me (very happily) that it was very very sharp.
And no, I do NOT cut my own fruits!

Coz one of my sisters told me long long ago when I was starting to cut apples that I WOULD cut myself one day, everybody does. And I WOULD burn myself one day, everybody does too.

But I haven't ever, not yet. But still I'm scared!

See la your influence.

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