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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I want to blog about my New Phone. ^^
It's a Samsung GT-C3303K, and looks like this.
Minus the shininess and the 4 shortcuts at the screen there.
To tell the truth, I Didn't like it at first (at all), I just pretended that I did.
Coz it was so BLACK and looked so erm...mannish...and its camera was just 1.3megapixels...and even though it was touch-screen one it was very very difficult to type with coz I couldn't find all the symbols and there weren't any emoticons, just things like this :-), :-( and cartoons, no nothing. In fact, I kinda prefered my Old one.
But as I "explored" it later, I began to like it more and more and more...until now, I can almost say I Love it. But I think I'd better start trying to love People BEFORE I love a Phone. haha.
Anyway, it still looks kinda mannish, but it's glossy black and looks quite high-class. ^^ And the camera, I found out, was quite nice...and I found out later that there were all kinds of frames and mosaic and effects and stuff....SO FUN LO!!! I'll be posting some up later! And the camera is really clear!!! I thought it would be something like my old hp...and that is seriously Not Clear At All....but this one is! It really is!!! :D And there are nice clip-arts and all. ^^ And most of all, which was what I wanted most, is the mp3 player!! Even though I dunno how to pakai the earphones yet^^ And btw the touch-screen is really cool! and fun!!! I really like it so much!!!!!!!!

Erm and now it's time for pics. hehe. They make things look greyish, but seriously, that's okay. ^^ It's not like I'm taking pics of scenery or whatever! :D

 First, a nice, normal pic of a grey-faced me. ==

 Another one, but my face looks very big here WHY WHY WHY T_T.

I'm trying to see what my hair would look like if it were cut shorter. And the mirror was there since I was born, so it's naturally a bit spotted. 

Actual length.

This is my new watch that my sister DAWN LEE MEI SAN bought for me!!!! ^^ I really like it very much, even though it doesn't look very nice against my skin coz I'm a few shades too dark. :( But I believe that I can become fairer!!!!!! 

See the difference??? Even though it's not very distinct here... Erm this is my foot btw...which hasn't been exposed to sunlight everyday...So! If I keep away from sunlight for a few months, I can proudly show my fair hand to everybody. ( =.=|| )

This is a nice, normal frame.

...and so is this...

This is the mosaic thingy I was talking about!!! Ok I may be very very out, I DON'T CARE, but this is the first time I've seen a camera function like this!! Can take a few pics in one picture!! haha ^^ And btw in the 2nd pic i know my "inverted" eyes look creepy together, but I like it all the more, blek. :P

And I think I've finished for the day. ;)

UPDATE: I just viewed this post again and found that some of the pics look really very zilian man!! haha!! but nvm la, that time I was very happy ma! XD


JanJon said...

download google picasa (it's free from google). Can auto correct all those grey-ish picture at once and it'll look pretty good :-D

Gail said...

Washing machine one should be profile pic.

JanJon said...

Hehe, the 2nd mosaic is also quite good for profile pic