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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My first day of 17

Actually I'm not 17 yet!!! Coz it's 10.46am right now and I was born at 12.46pm!! So, 2 more hours to go! XD
To be honest, I was TOTALLY prepared for a very very very SAD birthday. But as it turns out, my imagination was wrong, as usual. haha.
Coz hor I'm a Wednesday's child. And the nursery rhyme says that WEDNESDAY'S CHILD IS FULL OF WOE.
And today is Wednesday's child's Wednesday's birthday!!!! :S DOUBLE WEDNESDAY LEH.

Ok la actually I'm not that superstitious, haha! It's bcoz 2day is exam day ma, so I thought that nobody at all would remember lo. And yesterday Daddy was telling me that my uncle and family was coming this weekend. Then he asked me, this weekend is Ah Gong's birthday? Then I said no, his birthday is in June. Then he asked then this month is whose birthday? Then I said Po Po's, on 20th. Then he said, o, still got a long time. Then we go out for dinner on Sunday (19th) night la! And he said NOTHING about MY birthday. *weep

And I spent the rest of the day hoping that somehow the time would skip one day, which was today. Coz it's really awful if nobody remembers your birthday right!!!! Then at night, my sister sms-ed me to tell me that my pre-birthday present would arrive today.

Then o, I dunno y I was so tired, but I actually slept at 10.00pm last night!!! And ADD MATHS exam today somemore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so brave right.

Then I woke up for a while (still half asleep) at 4am to find that three nice people sms-ed me happy birthday at midnight! Then I fell asleep again. Then morning I replied them thank you lo. ^^

Then I went out of my room.
And surprisingly, DADDY ACTUALLY REMEMBERED MY BIRTHDAY LEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (*delighted) GOT PRESENT SUMMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And unsurprisingly it was a book. He's been giving me books ever since I was six lol.

nah this one! (ignore my fat hand)

Then I went to school. And Tai Yee Wun wished me happy brithday and came over with a big present!!! I was so happy!!! and her present attracted other people's attention including cikgu ariff and they wished me happy birthday too!!!!!!!!!! :D

Then addmaths!!!! Erm. It was really difficult compared to last year's one!! not fair!!!!! And my paper was sooooo messy coz I keep potong here potong there! Later the examiner angry how!!! And later I cannot get A how!! later still hv paper 2! You see me, still blogging here!!!!!!! But cannot help it, today is my birthday I MUST blog a birthday post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And later after the exam i need to study for physics liao if not I will FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok then I went home. And started to open Tai's present..

And it turned out that there were TWO PRESENTS IN ONE!!!!!!!!!
And her presents are by far the cutest that I have  received! XD

CUTE!!!!!!! And the tauhu looks soooooo much like MR BUNTY!!!!!!
Would it sound too awful if I called it Binty? Or Bonty? If anybody has ideas they can tell me! :D And erm yes Bunty is extremely dusty paiseh la.

Then the postman came along with Dawn's present!!!!!!!!!

NICE!!!!!!!!!!! The T-shirt is very very pretty when it's spread out!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and I nearly forgot to mention!!! Just now when Ah Gong fetched me home from school he saw Tai's present and about a few minutes later he suddenly remember that it's my bday.  XD and he gave me RM50!!!!! No pictures here! You know how RM50 looks like right?

Ok!! Now!!!!!!! Time to 亡羊补牢 or whatever it's called and try to make my Paper 2 better than my Paper 1.
I'm 17!
I'm 17!
I'm 17!

Yesterday when I was 16, I cared very much about something, so much that I cried about it!! Now I am 17, I must not let stupid things like that affect me!!!!!!!!!!!

But I still care about one teeny weeny thing...and that is a somebody forgot my birthday T_T Last time I wished him at midnight de leh how can he forget T_T I won't forgive him de lo I tell you~

Update: Just now Zhen Chee gave me a present!!!!!!!! AND IT CAN DEFINITELY FIGHT WITH TAI'S ONE IN TERMS OF CUTENESS!!!!!!!!! ^^

Erm my hp's camera made it yellowish, actually it's not really like that. But anyway!!!!! Guess what it is!!!!!!

Just turn it upside down and it's a...

A cute cute cup!!!!!! So interesting!!! So pink!! SO CUTE!!!!!!

Ok I am happy today. It's a happy birthday!!!!! ^^


joe said...

Happy Birthday!
God Bless you today, your exam and Future~

Gail said...

1. Plastic cup. Don't use to drink hot water.

2. Book recommended by Xie Lao Shi (to us, not Daddy). She said it was nice.

NF005A017 said...

Joe: Thanks! it's the 3rd time alrd! XD n btw I hope I didn't wake u up yesterday sorry!

Gail: Don't be so formal I'll hate you =.=

NF005A017 said...

n yes the book is very nice, and it is pretty on the inside and smells nice and I believed in most of the lies sob T_T