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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

i felt so brave^^

2day hor!!! The English essay hor!!!! I didn't know which question to pick!!! and I just sat there looking at two of the questions, trying to decide which would be better...and I just SAT THERE DOING NOTHING FOR 15 MINUTES. =.= Then, I finally decided on Number Five!!! "Home". At first I didn't want it, coz it stinks of boredom...but the 4th question hor "It had been raining all day..." I really dunno what to write!!! I'm the sort of person who can't think of any storyline if you don't give me a title. Then I thought of an idea for the home one...and I sat there for another 10 minutes or so, trying to figure out how I could expand it so that it wouldn't be less than half a page. =.= Then I wrote one line. And stopped. But in the end I managed to write more than 2 pages la ^^ And I was quite satisfied.

Then, the teachers collected our papers. And we were just told that we could go out, when I suddenly remembered SHIT I HAVEN'T WRITTEN THE NUMBER OF MY ESSAY QUESTION DIE LIAO HOW NOW.

Then I  鼓起勇气!!!! I went up on the stage to the teachers after the others had gone out of the dewan, and told them. AND THANK GOD THEY LET ME WRITE IT. ^^ I like the Chinese teacher so much!!!!!!! She spoke to me in Mandarin!!!!!! :D And yesterday I was complaining about her silently coz she had a bu shuang expression and her mouth drooped down. I'll never judge a person by their expression after this!!!!! ^^

And btw I really HATE the Dewan's stage's stairs...I always feel like I'm falling down when I go down them!! Especially just now, when I was all trembly with my success... =.=


Kid said...

May god be with you!

Emelemex said...

谢谢 =)