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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

After the First Paper...

Ok! Let's start from last nite!! n btw I hv another paper at 2.00pm later and I'm still here blogging how horrible can i get rite XD
Last nite, I sms this message "Thx!^^may i knw who u r?" until SO SIEN...haha! coz last time after i changed my hp and announced it on fb and asked ppl to msg me their number NOBODY did ma, so I still hv about 80% of my contacts missing lo. And btw still got one 014 number hvn reply me leh tq la but who are you? And hor last nite hor got one familiar number sms me, say jiayou de, then a lot of ppl rushed thru my mind but i din think of him...then suddenly (after I sent the above msg) I teringat...this number I pernah say very nice de!!! can it possibly be HIM? Then rupa-rupanya IT WAS HIM WOR!!!!! XD So happy lo!! He still remember me o!!! Even though I din think about him (not in That sense, anyway) for more than half a year liao, but I still very happy lo! ^^ hehehe
And last nite I wasn't planning to sleep, AT ALL...but I slept for 4 and a half hours in the end!!!!
It wasn't actually my fault lo, except for the part that I angrily stabbed at the STOP button on my hp's alarm and went back to sleep and woke up again at 5 and went back to sleep and woke up again at 6.30 and switched off the alarm and went back to sleep for 10 more minutes.......but hor the main reason I MADE myself sleep for the First time, at 2am, was bcoz I was soooooooooooo nauseated... =.= and very uncomfortable lo!!!!! So I made myself sleep to get the uncomfortableness away. And this morning it was still there, so anyway. =.=

But then when I sampai to the kantin, the feeling went away la.

And hor what I actually wanted to say hor is that I'M VERY VERY HIGH AND HAPPY AND HIGHIGHIGH coz last time hor in my trial exam I only wrote ONE page for my Bm karangan!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes, it's the SECOND one, the long one, where good students write 7 pages or something like that. Well, this time, after a lot of praying and prayer support from family and friends, I SUCCESSFULLY WROTE 4 PAGES! and was left with only 2 more minutes to spare. SEE!! If this is not God's doing then it is what!!!! :D :D Btw hor guess what title I chose? hahaha... something that I've been having a lot of opinions upon lately!!!!!! XD I dun wan to tell. :P
But now my only worries are whether my essay is relevant or not, whether the teacher can read my cakar ayam or not (which is seriously UGLY), and whether I can manage the second paper or not. Oh, and all the other 9 subjects which I haven't taken.
And talking about cakar ayam I finally found out HOW COME MY SHOES CAN GET SCRATCHED UNTIL LIKE THAT. The horrible rooster was standing on my shoes just now.

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