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Saturday, October 9, 2010

My RESULTS for SPM trial exam...

I was REALLY happy when I saw my results!!!!
the reason i'm happy is bcoz!! dunno why!!! there's been an error somewhere!!!! and my Chinese!!! was actually typed as 75%!!!! Means one more A-!!!! hahahaha!!! (ok la fine I know that's not a very honest A, but since they put it there, it's too late to change it lo! XD)
so anyway. actually my results are quite bad, but now I have an extra A, hahahaa.

1 A+: English
2 A  : Maths, Moral
2 A- : Add Maths, Chinese
1 B+: Malay
1 B  : History
1 C+: Chemistry
2 C  : Biology, Physics

I can't believe it, I actually got three marks more for my Biology than I did for my Physics!!!!!! =.=

And I can't believe it either, I actually got the 10th place in class, when last time I was about 17th or something. And there was my form teacher praising me for working hard or something like that, when I knew perfectly well that I had only started studying two or three days before a certain subject. Or in some cases (like maybe Physics and Add Maths and Chinese and English and Chemistry), the night before. Yes, I am a very last-minute person. I can't seem to make myself study earlier!!! I really can't!
so. tadaaa and I'm still not studying as much as I should. =.=


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