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Thursday, October 14, 2010

a day of solitude

Let's start from last night.
If you have read the previous blog post, you will know that I was very very EMO last night...coz of the satu bulan satu kali thing... =.=
So anyway, last night, Tai telephoned to tell me she wasn't coming tomorrow coz Pooja wasn't. And I pleaded her not to tell Wei Yee, coz I was scared that if she did, she wouldn't come to school either, and I would be left all alone.
Then after that I was sms-ing with Wei Yee and reading Sejarah at the same time...and then I fell asleep and woke up at 12.47 or something like that, coz I heard my phone buzzing.
It was Wei Yee telling me that she would not be going to school today coz Tai wasn't going.
And dunno why, I really emo until cry liao for half an hour =.=||||
AND HOR I CRY ALSO NO PRIVACY DE WOR coz Daddy was fixing a pipe or something, and he kept on going in and out of the bathroom, and the bathroom was in the bedroom, and I was sitting on my bed. So I had to keep turning my face away. =.=
Anyway, I not only cried, I threw my Sejarah book and handphone away too...and my handphone fell under the cobwebby bed. T_T It really doesn't pay to lose your temper!!!!
Anyway, I fell asleep eventually and dreamt some weird dreams that I have completely forgotten about now.

Morning. I woke up at 5.30, thinking blurrily that it was 6.30, and I was kinda surprised when Daddy didn't come in to wake me up. So I told myself to go to sleep again, and pretend to have overslept when I finally wake up at 9 or something, and Then I wouldn't have to go to school. smart right? ;)
Sadly, the next time I looked at the clock, it showed 6.00. =.=||

So anyway, I started out for school at about 7.20 today, which was five minutes earlier than usual.
I THOUGHT I was early, but after that I realized that I wasn't, not really, so I had to hurry...with the result that my sweat was still running like a runner 20 minutes later. =.=
Anyway. My mood wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, to be honest. Even though I was quite bu shuang during the perhimpunan pagi, coz the agama teacher was standing Right In Front of me, and I don't like her. No reason. She hasn't ever spoken to me before. I just don't like her, so there.
Anyway, during the period before recess, I was dreaming away when I was supposed to be doing a Bm exercise. After looking at me three times, or so she said XD, my teacher finally commented on me, and I pretended to be very busy doing the exercise after that.

After that, recess time. I was walking quite fast, so that I wouldn't look as if I was wandering about aimlessly (which I really was doing =.=), and dreaming away as I walked, so I very nearly walked into Cikgu Intan when I rounded a corner near the canteen. I just said "oh" and took a step back. It never even occurred to me to apologize or greet her, coz I was still dreaming away =.= ....until she said "Mable" and walked away. I was kinda stunned and shocked at myself for my impoliteness after that. =.= but it wasn't my fault lo.
Talking about my name, I really dunno WHY the malay guys in my year (regardless from what class) all like to say HI MABLE!!! I don't even KNOW them lo!!!!!!!!!!! =.= grrr
anyway after that I slowed down my walking speed coz I was kinda tired...and I walked like a old old woman, very very slowly and very very aimlessly.

after that hor I lazy to type liao coz I wan go tuition liao...oh ya~ during maths period mr sathis told me I was dreaming too... =.=


joe said...

Oh... no wonder you are so lonely today at the queue...

Emelemex said...

haha, actually i wasn't lonely la, juz alone...

joe said...

Then sorry for the inability to differentiate Alone and Lonely~