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Friday, October 22, 2010


After listening to a Cervical Cancer talk from an incredibly pretty and cute doctor (I like her face so much!), I've decided NEVER to have sex before AND after marriage. NEVER EVER.

Well, unless my husband really cannot tahan la, then I will have to sacrifice lo :( see la so noble o me~

Coz I don't want to run ANY risk of kena-ing this cancer...and I don't want to go for checkups!!! The Pap-Smear thing...supposedly not painful but it sounds so GELI to me!!! imagine another person sticking something into ur 下体...yer!!!! I know it's not as disgusting as sex, but it's going to be a STRANGER (doctor) doing that leh!!! yer!!!!!!!!!!!!! let another person see my private part o!! I DUN WAN LO SERIOUSLY!!!

ahem...anyway my point is, I don't want to have cervical cancer.
and the doctor is pretty.

ok i'm finished 881

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