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Sunday, October 24, 2010

can this be a dream???


After totally forgetting his promise to give me a new phone if I get straight A's for PMR, Daddy Actually Remembered his promise that he made last year (which I think he made in desperation, coz my end-of-year results really teruk until can tiao lou), to give me a new phone if I improved by 20% in my trial exam!!!!!!!! Well, actually he didn't quite get it right la, he thought he had promised me a phone if I improved from this year's midyear exam, but I didn't bother to correct him la coz same wat...and anyway my midyear exam results were better than last year's I'm not cheating or anything! :D

And he said he's going to malacca to buy the hp for me this saturday...he asked me if I would want to follow and I said yes...but now I kinda regret it! I DUNNO HOW TO CHOOSE MAN!!! =.=||| How am I to know which phone is good+cheap????? HOW!!!!!! I'm very out de, so I really dunno T_T


JanJon said...

Hi, you can take a look at gail's phone, it looks quite nice and it's quite small :-D

Emelemex said...

I can't look at it until she comes back in december..

Strawberry Girl said...

Me is coming~!!! Coz I'm coming back this week wei! Then I can choose with you. Mau? XD

Emelemex said...

I'm not going with Daddy after all!!! coz he Bu Fang some insurance thing, after that he baru go to buy! so I just told him that I want camera and mp3 de...that's all haha