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Friday, October 22, 2010


现在我的牙肉到底是什么问题?== 痛咯~ 而且是一个地方罢了,就是最后一颗牙的后面~~~

然后今天下课前是PJK,我就睡了一整节~醒来的时候还是很想睡~ 一整个下课时间走来走去,还是半睡半醒~==

昨天我问了上帝一个问题,后来我不知道那个只是碰巧,还是真的是答案~~~~~ 我说如果XXX真的是我的XX,就让我XXXXX~~~~结果我真的XXX~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Strawberry Girl said...

B, you're growing your wisdom tooth soon, that's why it hurts. And it will hurt even more when the tooth pokes out for real, coz your gums will get inflamed. It cuts through the flesh to come out. And then, you will understand why babies cry when their teeth are coming out, and why they want to bite things.

Emelemex said...

really? I dunno leh...the swelling seems to be subsiding now...still hurts a bit when I bite something at that area...but not as much as b4...I dun think it's a wisdom tooth! just a stupid inflamation from goodness knows where