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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Women's Rights

I'm going to be a woman in one year (and 3 months)'s time.
Hence the topic. :D
According to Professor MLMX, women's rights are as follows:
1. Not knowing how to cook.
2. Saying "No dear, I don't Want to have a baby."
3. Laughing at guys who are shorter than us. muahahahahaha
4. Not having to dress up and wear skirts everywhere we go.
5. Not wearing high heels.
6. Sitting with our legs open (or tucked up on the chair).
7. Hugging a bolster instead of our husband.
8. Letting guys do the heavy jobs. :D
9. Be comforted instead of admitting that we're wrong.
10. I can't think of the 10th one. =.=

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