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Monday, September 20, 2010

one by one...

They've been there for MORE THAN TWO WEEKS NOW!!!!!
and this is what happens when i apply pimple cream on them...

i was obviously horrified when i first saw this la, then i hurriedly prayed and then they went back to being normal pimples...

2nd, Daddy bought me a speaker!! for RM50...
it's really nice!!!

can just plug mp3 into it! :D and it can play while it's being charged! :D
erm and yeah that's my pencil case in the 2nd picture. =.=

3rdly, I've been doing arm exercises since the holidays.

actually what I REALLY wanted to do was to slim down my lower arm.
It's REALLY VERY FAT and it's not SUPPOSED TO BE!!!!
but all the arm exercises didn't do Any good in the least, except for maybe building some muscles =.=

4thly, I suddenly wanna talk about my SPECS.
So. I've changed 3 spectacles in total so far. Means I've got 4 pairs la.
The first one is missing and I dunno where it is. It was my first pair of glasses, and they were round and pink and made me look like a superx100 idiot.

I told you.TT_TT
Then, the 2nd pair was when I entered secondary school. It's much the same as the first pair, only this one is rectangular in shape.

The 3rd pair was bought with the money that my aunt gave me for getting straight A's in PMR. :)
It's my favourite and it's also my current one.

The 4th pair was bought when we all thought the 3rd pair was missing, and all the time it was just hiding in my sister's room =.= what a waste of money! and I don't really like it, coz I only bought it when I was in a hurry, and I look horrible in it. I just wanted it coz it was pink. =.= and btw YES all my specs are pink, so what?

Anyway. What else?
oh ya!! today!! I forgot to bring an umbrella to school, so I turned into a very very wet girl as I raced along in the rain. =.=


This is what my uniform would look like if it were new. T_T

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