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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Green Faces and Short Nails

I've often wondered people's faces always turn green in the storybooks and cartoons when they're about to throw up.
I mean, isn't it impossible? Aren't people's faces always the same boring skin-colour?
How can they turn Green???
Until one day, my sister told me that I was very scary in the car, face always green green de. Or something like that la, 4got ady.
And I was actually quite excited and happy when I heard that.
Coz it was kinda interesting to know that my uninteresting face could actually change into another colour, other than the usual red and occasional white.
So anyway, what makes our faces green???

I like to cut my nails until they're very very short.
And also very very ugly, according to other people.
But I really don't like long nails la, coz my nails get dirty very easily.
I always feel very good and clean after I cut my nails lol.
And my skin always gets better too.guess why =.=
But what I'm really scared about is, I'm scared that people will think I bite my nails.
Well, except for one time when I was about 2 or 3, at the-auntie-who-used-to-take-care-of-me's house. I think I ate it too. O_O dunno leh
So do people eat their nails after they bite them??


joe said...

Most of the people I've seen, yes.
They eat it RIGHT after they "cut" it with teeth.

Wanna try??

Emelemex said...

oh. ewww. :S
doesn't it hurt when they swallow it? it's sharp sharp de leh~ ><