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Wednesday, September 29, 2010


sien...SIEN SIEN SIEN...
my trial exam's results o...can say is much better than my usual results......but still, it is very very bad T_T and if I get results like this for my real SPM, I dunno how I'm going to be a girl anymore...T_T
just 4 A's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and one of them is a very ngamgnam de A-!!!!!!! just 75% only!!!
and!!! I GOT C FOR MY PHYSICS...54%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T
and I haven't got my Chemistry and Bio's Paper 3 yet...
and my Chemistry teacher has gone to give birth... =.=
so? how?
I dun wan my trial exam to get 4A3B3C leh :(

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