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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Today is National Day.=)
People keep talking about perpaduan kaum...
And so is the government and all the leaders of the country.
But actually, in my opinion, perpaduan kaum could be achieved easily if only people would stop talking about it.
I mean...if nobody mentions it, then the differences between all the races in Malaysia wouldn't be so obvious. Nobody would even notice it.
It's like a tiny pimple on a model's face.
If nobody points it out, it would go unnoticed.
ok fine irrelevant example. =.=
HAIYA i dunno how to explain la!!!! Essays were never my strong point anyway~ ><"
so just ignore me. :D

What I mean is this: If the bigger ones Don't make an issue out of this thing, then the smaller ones (rakyat biasa) wouldn't be taking sides and making hundreds of mountains out of one small anthill. =)

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