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Sunday, March 14, 2010


Dunno what to blog about! but juz blog saja la...
Yesterday I went to my sister's convocation~
1st time go convocation leh ^^
And we waited for such a long time b4 it finally started..
1st, all the graduands masuk the hall~
took such a long long time man...dunno how many years passed ady b4 they all finally masuk~
then sing negaraku~
Then the professor dunnowhowho gave a super super super long and sien speech~
dunno how to describe ar!
After that was the Datuk dunnowhowho (but I think is ong tee keat) 's turn to give his speech~
Also LONG DAO~~~~and SIEN DAO~~~~~~~~~~
cannot tahan!!!
After that baru sampai penyampaian sijil~
If every time will also be like that de then I dun wan go to my own convocation next time liao lu~

After my sis received liao her certificate my dad n me went out~
Coz my dad asked me want to go out or not, and pointed out the LONG lists of graduands who belum terima their certs~
So of coz I agreed lo~
But I think my dad wanted to go out is not bcoz he was sien, but bcoz he was cold! haha~
coz he kept saying it was cold inside there once we got out~

When I 1st reached there, I saw a boy leh~
== fx again~
But hor the point is la, I dunno he is korean or not~
Coz he had very curly, shoulder length hair~
Single lidded eyes~
Rosy and 白里透红 complexion~
And a red rosebud mouth~
He wasn't one of the graduands la~
But I really dunno he is korean or not lo~ it seemed a bit impossible, but he looked so much like one wor~

dunno la~
end of fxing~

After we keluar~
We went and jalan-jalan while waiting for the ceromony to finish so my sis could come out~
And we went to a kind of very lousy shopping complex that was absolutely filled with baju kurungs...ugly punya de tiam~ ==
And went to McD~ which was located inside the complex~
After that go jalan summore~
And all the time I was holding 一束玫瑰花~ == walao
Coz the flowers no place to put I hold lo...but a bit paiseh~ many ppl walk about the streets carrying flowers???? not valentine's day also ma~

After that blablabla and I'm lazy to type anymore liao hahahabye

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