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Monday, March 15, 2010

bu shuang

May I block you? coz u really very kacau~

And to Miss XX, I think I really really have reason to bu shuang u liao...X P... >:-[

To another Miss XXX, I really dun like (in fact very very hate) hearing about Miss XX, so dun always talk about her to me!! sien!!! and I cannot tell u I bu shuang her also... == xin ku

Juz now I too bored liao, so go n look at forums~
And found that a lot of ppl like to ban ke lian~
walao beh tahan~
even worse than dulu de me...
And some..
maybe I will 得罪 many ppl...but I really dunno y they like to Cut their wrists lo~
Not commit suicide...juz cut only...
I mean...if u really behtahan very sad and wanna hurt urself...also no need cut at such an obvious place de ma...
38 de lo...
some even take photo and post it online...
BTQ betul lo...==

I really dunno what happened to today's line
Juz now I sent a msg for FOUR times alrd...four also FAILED....

back to forum~
Dunno why hor, so many ppl like to 滥用 the word JIAYOU~
I mean....
At the 自拍区....many ppl post their own pics there...
Then somebody will go n post comment like this “很可爱哦~ 加油哦~”~
wts...(what the shit)
jiayou for what? jiayou in self-taking more pics?
38 de lo~ ==

I really dunno what to say ar!
now headache but I dunno why!

And to Miss XXXX~
I dunno why but I really bu shuang u online, real life is much better~

Note: Content about Mr XXXXX is deleted coz I baru found out that he views my blog de...walao A...dunno how long he's been viewing it!!!!

Ok I'm done.

no i'm not.

I want to finish my spm leh.

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