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Friday, March 5, 2010


2day dunno is what day la...==
1st of all, I bangun pagi at 7.00 o' of coz late lo~
Then, 1st person I saw when I got to school (not including the pengawas-es) was Mr Evets. he dunno say liao what to me~ =_=

Then, got a ceramah for us chinese students...coz the malay teachers+students dunno got what program~

Then, 放学了 and I realized I haven't handed in the borang for SPM de... n our form teacher alrd go back liao~

After that...chinese class...add more half an hour o....walao 2.45 I alrd go bk liao la ^^

Then...climax of the day la...I reached home and broke a mirror. ==
And the mirror broke coz it fell into the toilet bowl. So I had to fish out the broken pieces with my hand. walao........................ >< disgusting dao!! nasib baik I belum use the toilet still............yuck!
After that I washed my hands with Dettol lo.
And luckily daddy wasn't angry, he said "不要紧" saja. =)

And then...2day dunno y my skin so dry and red de... :S

Then go tuition...dunno y i'm the only one who's so hot...really lo, I could feel the sweat running down my chest like a waterfall!!
>< but I just took my bath leh.
maybe it's bcoz I have too much hair gua. :S

And then saw KR again. =) but he sit at the back leh. =( back home and fell asleep until 9.30...

then take liao dinner jiu blog here lo~

Btw 2day b4 the ceramah Puan Tan gave a lecture / speech / warning to us about our personal appearance or whatever it's called. In other words, she told us that next week got a spotcheck so we should do something to our hair and nails this weekend la.
And I baru tau that if we dun wan to pin up our fringe hor, the maximum length for our fringe is NOT only above the eyebrows, but actually HALF OF OUR FOREHEAD only...
walao also dun dare to cut like that la!!! ugly dao ><"

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