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Friday, February 12, 2010

this week (yeah I know boring title ma)

can I skip this day as I 4got what happened? ==||
oh ya...I really wanted to go to the 1st choir practice after school de, but after that sarah sms me n say she cannot I also din go lo~
coz I'll feel very out of place there lo, if I go alone~
Sleep at home better ^^

Gotong-royong the 1st 2 periods!
The day b4 we had planned to repaint the class de, but somebody Irresponsible didn't bring the paint, so that's that lo~
And I helped out by scrubbing the wall (with a very torn hanky==) near the back of the class, but I think I didn't do much good to the wall lo...coz altho I removed the footprints, but the wall is still a shade darker that it's supposed to be..==
And in some parts it's a bit yellow, coz I wipe too hard liao, the paint on top come off a bit >< paiseh lo!
And then when I saw my other classmates scrub dao the front of the class punya wall so clean, I gt a bit zi bei lo...haha
And 2day hor our class got an extra student liao~
Is a malay girl...last year she was form 5, but later she accident so din take SPM...
And she's here to restudy form 5 together with us!!
And then after tuition hor, I was walking down the stairs of tampin square and turned round and saw [somebody] behind me...quite shocked xia...haha...!
btw, 2day 1st time see sarah's hairstyle after she cut her hair! SO CUTE MAN~~~~~

2day I didn't wear the pandu puteri uniform leh...
one reason is bcoz too ugly liao, another is bcoz I very tired the day b4, lazy to iron!
n then n then...
2day my mood very good lo, coz no ugly ma!
Then after that lagi good! coz sarah told me that yesterday tuition de shi hou I was very pretty! hahahahahaa...I also dunno her brain sot liao or what!!
zong zhi, mood very good lo!

2day we took quite a lot of pics at the staircase outside our class leh...haha...with mike's hp...coz english period no teacher (yay!) ma...^^
But that nite my mood super super super bad de lo!!
At dinner time I had a small argument with my sis...and it resulted in me huffily taking my dinner to my study table to eat~
Bt I just stared at the dinner and was unable to consume a single mouthful of it and in the end I went into my bedroom and sat on the bed and cried and screamed (silently) and punched and kicked Bobby and my bed...
But it didn't really help, and I just sat there wanting to robohkan the house and dunno wat...maybe slap somebody or something...
I also dunno y I was so angry!! I wasn't angry with my sister de u know! I mean, I was b4 that, but now I was just very angry and unhappy for No Reason.
And then! Some van passed by outside,播着某首我最最最讨厌的歌,令我想起了某些人,我的心情就更加变本加厉的不好!!!
And I nangis again. == even more gou li than b4!!!
And right now I really VERY HATE that person!!! altho it's been so long ago!

I reached school in a very bad mood. Coz this morning I found out that I xxx liao, which explained last night's mood. ==
And I dunno why some ppl just can't sense it when they're not wanted! kacau betul!
I mean, even I can feel it when ppl bu shuang me~
Then...blablablacksheephaveyouanywool...and tiba moral period liao~
And coz my mood very bad, so I slept for the entire period.
With the teacher teaching in front of the class summore. ==
And I think weiyee was also sleeping when I woke up. Then when I woke up dunno why they all laugh. :S
What happened?? that time I was still blur leh!
Then chinese class lo~
b4 teacher came, I heard THE SONG from somebody's hp again...
haiz...really beh tahan that song, what's so nice about it anyway? why is everybody humming it, singing it, listening to it? SIEN!
we watched half of a movie “小胖流浪记”~
LIKE LO!!!!!!!!!!!!

and blaaaaaableaaaaaaa went to tuition saw somebody again and somebody sitting beside me tried to wipe her BT on me....walao...n keep drawing on my paper somemore, childish lo!! (altho I also gt draw her paper la, bt at least I draw de is a nice little pig ma^^)
and saw somebody again~
dot dot dot...
dot dot dot...
dot dot dot...
oh ya!! and zhen chee gave me my bday present 2day!haha~ my bday over liao 2 months lo, her bday also wan tiba liao~ ==
I hvn open yet leh, now go to open!


Anonymous said...

my brain is perfectly alrite ok...i really felt tat way...if nt u think i 1 2 拍ur马屁or wat? haha! btw, i really really miss my long its nt regret...n im nt sure y its nt a regret oso confused...nyway, Happy CNY!!


编号93121 said...

u hvn 习惯 la...haha...
happy cny ^^