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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Merentas Desa

This morning I woke up at 7 and would've woken up at 8 if my dad hadn't woken me up. ==
As it was, I was like really shocked lo, 立刻坐起来的那种,因为我们要在7点半之前到asrama puteri~
But again it's really near to my house la, about 2 minutes of walking distance lo, haha~

Then I reached there at about 7.25 or something~
Looked left and right and up and down and couldn't find my friends. =(
Oh well.

But after that I suddenly saw sarah lo, who was actually about a foot away from me only. ==
Then we did this EXTREMELY stupid senamrobik lo. ==
And there was this horrible horrible smell lingering about the place too. Smelt like shit on the ground, and probably was too.

Then, lelaki & perempuan kelas 1(us lo) went up to get ready to start liao lo.
And we waited for a reeeally reeeeeally long time. ==
But anyway we finally started lo.
I looked around for wei yee (coz b4 that we had to queue up according to rumah sukan) but couldn't see her!
At last I saw her ahead of me.== then chase her lo.
Then sarah also chase dao us liao, haha.

Then saw somebody. :(

K...then continue to run lo~
We hadn't been running for 5 minutes when I began to pant difficult to breathe lo!!! haiz, this is called "no stamina".

Then passed by my house~
Passed by somebody cutting grass~
Run run run...

Then me and sarah lost wei yee ady~
Could still see her ahead of us de la, but too tired to chase her lo~

dunno what to say liao la~

Then continue walking fast fast lo~
Then when me and sarah run hor, dunno why she can run for so much longer than me lo! maybe she had an invisible oxygen tank attached to her, haha~

haiz~ really 辛苦 de know!!! I kept thinking if a car come n hit me but not hit very hard de jiu good lo~ coz can pretend to faint when I'm actually going to sleep, then wake up in a nice comfortable bed in an air-conditioned room (hospital la) nice!!!
But also hv to bear the consequences la...hmm~

dunno liao la~
We were given mineral water halfway but my straw slip back into the cup liao la~ ><

After that jiu patah balik liao lo~
Halfway on the way back, got a group of 马来仔在我们后面~
然后他们就一直叫我们kak~ kak~
喂!我们真的好像是大过他们的咯,他们才不懂form 4 还是什么罢了~

然后我又快过他们了,他们就讲什么一个人跑不孤单吗,要不要他们陪啊~ ==||||

又开始讲废话了~ ==

然后很排写的就是当他们其中一个说要拿video camera来拍我们,我就真的走去信,就望别边咯,他们就笑我~ ==
其实那个人的手是空的 ><

24名 ><"""
没办法,谁叫我的编号是E240 (饿死你),结果就真的24了咯~ 唉

然后~ 就看到很多朋友了咯~
"Mable y ur face so red?"
“wah mable ur cheeks very red!”

HOI!! I Know la!!! ppl run ma, sure red la! ><"
This is called Healthy,健康,Sihat,know?!
then I beh tahan lo, wanna see my own face...then call sarah to help me take a pic lo...
then saw it...
WAH REALLY RED LEH! 而且是红到很难看的那种!

then what ar~
oh ya...
then I helped an indian meimei to take off her number from her shirt lo~
see I'm so nice la~
then baru remembered that my own number hvn take off lo~
so I took off the front one, and had removed 2 safety pins (there were 4) from the back one, when sarah came and asked me to help her find any al-quadri ppl or something like that~

Then I suddenly felt someone touching my shirt or something like that~
Then turned and saw my Bio teacher calmly helping me to take off the two last safety pins that were pinning my number to my shirt~

WALAO she's even nicer than me! ><" zi bei la~

hmm then what ar...

Then after hanging around at the asrama, I decided to go home liao lo~ since my house is very near, 上了斜坡转左再直走就到了~
But the problem is, will anybody stop me...??? coz hvn 颁奖 ma, nt supposed to go home yet de~

But really SIEN leh, so...belum try belum tau ma...
So 我就很光明正大地walked past一排老师,and they didn't stop me leh! oh yeah!! ^^v

Then I went home lo.
And looked in the mirror and removed my specs and saw that my face REALLY red o! And my eyes so small summore, nasib baik I gt wear specs lo, if not then really ugly!

Then...haiyo I'm so good la, after I got changed then I went to study my sejarah leh, 2 chapters~
Then now jiu on9 and blog lo~


Anonymous said...

"maybe she had an invisible oxygen tank attached to her"... =.='''even there is an invisible oxygen tank attached to me so wat,no stamina pun...u're faster lo


编号93121 said...

no lo, I faster coz u keep waiting 4 me ma...I rush at the last part saja...haha...bu hao yi si ><"