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Friday, January 8, 2010

back at blogging

I'm having my dinner now. =)
And just now I reduced my money in Petville (facebook punya game) from over 27000 to 4000++. ==
By shopping, haha!
Who ask the furniture there so pink and cute wor...^^

This week.
On wednesday, I can't remember what happened. ==
oh ya. mike gave me a bday present and it was a very very very cute white t-shirt!^^
yay!!! I finally have a white tee liao! the only two I have are 家里衣。oh and my school punya baju sukan.
cute! I like the blue dino, haha!

Then on thursday my sejarah teacher puan tan gave me a bday present as well! haha! she's so nice! but make me paiseh la. ==|||
It was a polo tee. A PINK polo tee.=)

So. My bday presents consisted of 1. clothes.  2. bags.
oh ya and my friend yee wun gave me a mini sized teaset. very cute lo! haha!

AND THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
oh ya go back to a few days ago ar...this monday.
I found that Johnny had a size-5-foot-sized (@@)" hole in him!!!!!
and erm. To those who dunno a.k.a all my friends, Johnny is my blanket.
(dun giv me that zadao expression ar thx)
For future reference, Bobby = my bolster, Tommy = my pillow, Johnny = my blanket.
And I gave them their names when I was a KID ok? not recently de la!

ok back to Johnny.
Then I painstakingly spent about 15 minutes stitching him up and snipping off all the pieces that were sticking out.
The next day, I went to sleep.
And woke up seeing the hole back there again. OI! The thread no quality de o!
Ok la altho Johnny is a very old blanket (dunno younger or older than me), but still!!!
And I've given up and he's (ok it's) still lying on my bed, shedding pieces of himself (yala itself!) on my bed + my toys. :(

Okay let's go back to the AND THEN on top.
This thursday. I mean yesterday. English period.
Our English teacher (S*ev*) came in and announced that he had some good news.
And the good news turned out to be....!!!!
Dunno who who who told him to choose a student from our class to present a poem. At the majlis persaraan today for mister hamdan.
cheh! itu pun panggil good news!
And I was like...none of my business lo...punya pattern.
Then he asked for a volunteer. And i looked expectantly around for a raised hand. but dun have wor!
And then he said, "I offered you all a chance to volunteer" and blablabla and the conclusion is he's going to pick one of us at random!!!
He surveyed the students in front first. That time really scared lo!!!
But then! he started to walk to the back of the class. And us in front heaved a sigh of relief.
Then he came back and stood in front of my desk. And I looked at his belt and wondered idly if the leather was faded on purpose or really old liao.That time I thought he was still looking at the back of the class ma!
Mana tau!!!
He suddenly "PAK" my table and said "Mable!"!!!!!!!!!!!!

walao AAAAAAA.

of all the ppl.
WHY PICK ME?!?!?!?!??!

dunno. maybe bcoz he siao gua.
And for the ppl who dunno my teacher, there is simply No saying no to him de lo!
Coz he's the kind of person that's really intimidating and is always smiling but you know there's a crazy temper behind that smile and you always want to walk another way when you see him. Ok la the last sentence probably stands for me only.

He spent a period telling me what I would gain (and would not gain) from going onstage, in other words many FEI HUA.

aargh! It was really difficult trying to stop the tears from escaping my eyes lo (alrd inside liao de)!
But I succeeded leh. ^^
That time really SCARED lo u know!
And then he said "if you don't show up tomorrow, I will never forget you" with that horrible smile of his!!!

anyway I didn't present it today la.
dunno y coz the MC didn't call me.
And then this english teacher came to find me and said he's very sorry and blablabla and told me to present it in class on monday~
I dun wan!!!!!!

nothing more to b said liao la.

oh ya.


shoo shoo shoo. go to sleep or whatever.

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