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Saturday, January 9, 2010


This morning I woke up to hear a renting noise.
but that time I was still very groggy. so I went back to sleep lo.

And woke up much later~
And remembered~
And looked at Johnny anxiously (refer to previous post) find that the hole in him had increased in length by 2 inches!!!!!

Other than that I dunno what to blog about liao eh.
oh ya.

Just now with my sister's help, a study timetable from January to May was finally born.

and just now when I was tidying my table, I found a timetable that I made at the end of the year of 2008, when I was in Form 3 and about to enter Form 4.
A timetable that I had NEVER EVER followed ahem ahem.
Of coz la, that time I hadn't added my tuition times into the timetable la, so cannot blame me also ma (self-comforting, haha), right?

Anyway, let's hope that this year I WILL be able to follow the timetable lo.

My place in class is really very strategic (or whatever that adjective is called) leh.
Coz I'm in front of the teacher.
And I haven't talked to the girl next to me at all this week (not even one word, walaoA! I just dunno wat to say to her ma!).
And behind me is my good good friend Miss Brain (ya I know nasty name, bt she's really very hardworking and clever ma).
Actually sitting in front of the teacher is not good bcoz it's more easy for me to ask questions la, coz I never's to prevent me from falling asleep. Ya I know I never pay attention to the teacher when he's/she's teaching anyway, but just to give them I good impression ma right...^^

What else to say har?
Oh ya~~ recently my skin is quite teruk lo.

And. A few days ago / last week / last year / dunno when, my dad found out why we cannot view youtube liao! It's bcoz of the video accelerator or whatever it's called.
Anyway now can liao la. =)

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