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Monday, January 4, 2010

1st day

2day was the 1st day of Form 5.
And I brought a small(er) bag to school, thinking that I only needed it for exercise books.
In my bag: Water bottle, calculator (dunno bring 4 wat!), pencil case, file, foolscap paper, 2 buku nota sains, and 5 single line books.

Then, I was very punctual today (means ngam ngam reach school b4 I'm late).
Then pengetua gave a long long long speech. =_=||

Finally, perhimpunan was over, and we went back to class.

Bcoz I was late, so this year I'll be sitting in a very "nice" place in class ~ right in front of the teacher. ==|||

Ok lo.
And after that tai and wei yee gave me belated bday presents.^^

And this year miss elephant is still our class teacher. haiz.
And we got Mr Steve for our english teacher. oh no oh no oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Mr Luk is no longer our chemistry teacher. T_T he teach form 6 only o! Then our new teacher is Asmawati, walao A, I prefer Puan Chong even if she's strict lo, coz this year is SPM year leh! Y give us such a useless and "dun have liao4" de teacher?!!!
zzz I want to type in chinese leh! but this computer dun hv! ==

And our Bio teacher also changed. T_T But my Bio sucks anyhow so I dun hv anything to complain about. =_=||

Then, our recess time.
After that I went to koperasi and spent RM12.60 on 4 buku penulisan (long punya books), 3 single line books, and 4 buku maths (xiao3 fang1 ge2 @ ...small squares...?).
So. My bag now had 2 buku sains, 8 single line books, and 4 buku maths. And two presents, one very big xia and one very small. And calculator and bottle. Full liao leh. Cannot put pencil case and file also. And btw inside the file gt 4 buku penulisan.

After that!
To my horror, we got our textbooks today! Oh no! Why not tomorrow!!!
18 textbooks. Nasib baik got 3 is small de, can put inside the bag.

But I had to carry 15 of them + a heavy file + a pencil case home!!!


Ppl walk home de u know.
Up a slope summore ar.

Suan liao lo, this is called unlucky even though there is no such thing as luck. haiz.

When I was walking home, I had to stop and adjust the pile of books +file+pencil case  at intervals, so that they wouldn't fall off, and so that I could give myself a rest as well.
I just stopped and sighed at the sky halfway up the slope. ==
And noticed there was a boy and a girl behind me. Great. ==|||||| Paiseh dao~~~

And I had to breathe really loudly lo~ i can't help it de! ppl got asthma de u know (lame excuse coz it hasn't reoccurred since I was in lower primary)...anyway I finally finally reached home!!!
And I dumped my books outside the gate, and heard the girl say to the boy behind me in chinese, "so many books o!" and the boy said something indistinct, and the girl said "but really a lot wor!"... =_=||||||||||||||||||
Ok lo.
Then I opened the gate and went into the house and put down my bag and went out for the books afterwards.

And noticed that my arms really soft liao (shou3 ruan3).
And when I took my lunch, I kept spilling bits of rice coz my hands were trembling too much. ><" aiyo.

Conclusion: If I do this everyday my arms confirm will slim down 3 circles at the end of this month. ><"

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