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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


erm...I haven't been updating my blog frequently lately...
coz...dunno o, maybe I've just lost the interest to blog?
Dunno la~
Oh ya I know I know!!!!
Blogger loads reeeeeeeally slowly on my computer, and sometimes it doesn't load at all.
I mean, it just says "loading", and loads for half a day~ ==|||
anyway it's loading fairly well now la...altho not very normally... :S coz I can't edit my post de~ ==

erm...what was it that I wanted to talk about har?
oh ya. msn.

I'm not going to introduce msn to u and say "oh it's so nice!!!" la~ duh.
I just want to talk about me on msn.


1st of all, I really hate people who ask me "what are you doing?" !!!!
HELLO, what I'm doing is really None Of Your Business, k?
If no topic to chat then dun find me la!!!!

2nd, pls dun say "hi" to me everytime I sign in, and after that remain quiet.
Okay okay, I know that's what I used to do 2 years ago la...but...aiyo anyway now I don't like ppl doing that to me liao la!!! Irritating de you know?!

3rd, do not nudge me unless you press it accidentally. WEI, very irritating de you know!!! Especially those ppl that think it's cute to nudge-bomb/bomb-nudge/whatever-it's-called other ppl lo!!! stupid punya o!

4th, do not ask me "r u there?". It's like asking somebody "are you sleeping?", which btw some dumbos do ask. ==

5th, when I do not reply your "r u there?"s, it doesn't necessarily mean that I'm not there. =) It's simply that I've no interest to reply you. ^^ When I'm not there, I will always put "away" de, unless I forget la.

6th. When you ask me some super wu liao questions and I reply "dunno" and you say "like that also can dunno == ", bear in mind that I actually do know the answer to the questions de, it's just that I'm lazy to reply you only. ==||

7th, when you ask me "what are you doing" and I answer "chatting with you", dun answer "ya meh", can?!!! HELLO, if I'm nt chatting with you, then who are you chatting with??!!!! Stupid like pig de wor ==|||

8th, don't like ppl asking me "how are you".

9th, when I reply you in very short sentences with a minimum of 1 word and a maximum of 5 words, don't ask me "r u busy?", coz I'm not. I just feel like colding you, or otherwise I don't want to chat with you at all.

10th, pls dun fa xiao!!! If girls fa xiao I still can tahan, but when boys fa xiao I feel like vomiting. BLERGH!!!! Ok I've vomited. =)

11th, don't ask me why I don't reply you. Just tell yourself that you're very boring.

12th. By now, you may ask yourself why I still sign in on msn!!!! Well, I can tell you la. Coz I'm waiting for somebody to find me and that someone is not you. =)

Okay I'm done! ^^

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