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Thursday, December 31, 2009

BYEBYE 2009!

erm hi.
I just thought I'd blog one last time b4 2009 is over. =)

Yesterday o...or was it the day b4? I saw something that made me Sure that somebody had done something with somebody else. :S what am I talking about? ==|| Ok la, anyway something happened and it made me very very unhappy all day long.
Now also la.

Then o 2day I saw something that made me very bu shuang xia lo! I am so Sick of the ppl that seldom find me, and when find me then will say something bad that will really irritate and 得罪 me lo. == U won't know that I'm talking about u de la.

2009 is over.
2009 was a horribly horribly horribly horrible year for me lo.
Coz many things happened. Including me becoming very fat and even lazier than b4. hmm.
And I think I changed somehow~ into a person that's...that's...dunno how to describe.
dunno la. and btw that doesn't mean that I'm nt happy with my new character ar. dunno dunno dunno! ==

Seriously, I think 2008 was Much Much Much better than 2009 even though I lost my mother at the very beginning of the year and it was PMR year. And we got the last place in choir competition (district level!) for the first time. But in 2008, all these happenings were just physical. And were incontrollable.

2009~ in 2009, all the bad things that happened to me...well not all, some la, were caused by myself. Me, and the things I did, and the things I thought. And that makes it 10 times worse. :(
And 2 days b4 it ends, the stupid year still doesn't want to let me leave it happily! I tell u lo, I long time no cry liao lo, but yesterday (or d day b4 yesterday), when I discovered the thing, or guessed the thing, or whatever the thing, then I pergi nangis again. Dunno y. I wasn't supposed to feel anything about that thing anymore. @@"

To 2009, BAH!-BAI!

To 2010, I hope you won't disappoint me. :)
And yeah I haven't studied at all during these holidays. It's the bad effect that 2009 has on me. (well it's nice to blame something else! ==) :)

2010, GO GO GO!!!
In this year, I really want to Concentrate on my studies liao! Coz next year is SPM (crazy thought!!!) and I want to achieve good results so that I can go to a good university and meet a good boyfriend get a good job after graduating! ^^v

And. Everybody! Forbid me from onlining, one month (preferably two) before SPM!
But if the future me gets irritated by the future you, dun b angry ya. :)

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JanJon said...

Haha, funny reason to go to a good university... but I guess it's a perfectly valid reason come that time. Just make sure you choose the right one once you're in a good uni :-)