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Friday, January 1, 2010


It's 2010!
It's the first day of 2010, to be exact. =)
And...I'm 17 this year! 17! 17! 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It really feels very old and da-jie-jie-ish lo.
I mean...17 leh.
Form 5!
Nasib baik our school gt form 6 de la, at least I won't be feeling so awfully old.

The days of secondary school really Flew past lo!
I can still remember the 1st day of Form One.
So clearly.
And my sis(form 6 at that time) pointed out a direction to me and told me that "a smelly toilet is over there". ==
Actually the toilet very ok de lo. The form 6 toilets lagi smelly (sometimes).

Anyway. Here I am. Form 5!!!
And I'll be 18 next year!!!
I can't bear to think of it. ><"

And I'm so not looking forward to this year!
Got kelas tambahan summore.
And folios.
And homework.

And later, (maybe) plkn!

Then! Time to choose a bidang that I have interest in.

But I only have interest in marrying a rich man wor. =(

ahhhhh really scared la!

But I hope this year will be better than last year. =)
If I preoccupy myself with studies, maybe I won't have time to be silly over friends and guys and things like that.
Hmm maybe.
But I don't think I'll be rajin to that extent la. To be preoccupied with studies, I mean.

But hor.
Studying will really be quite good for me de lo.
Not just for my SPM results la, which I don't really expect much from (but still can hope!), but also for~ SLIMMING!
STUDY TO SLIM. That's my motto. =)

But studying is really boring de lo!
Especially BIO!!!!!!!!


dunno leh. I really had interest in the 1st few chapters de. I still remember last time (at the beginning of last year) I used to stay up every night and read my Bio and Sejarah reference books until 2 something in the morning. crazy hor? xD
That's why I got 3rd place in class la, I suppose.
But as the chapters wore on, my place in class dropped dramatically. ==||
Coz really boring de ma.

Anyway try la try la.
Dunno why hor~ I feel I'm kinda weird la.
I only have the mood to study when I'm alone in a room, late at night, listening to mp3.
At least, I only HAD that mood at the beginning of last year la.
After that I didn't have the mood at any time liao. ==
The mp3 was supposed to clear my boredom, but recently it just didn't work lo. I would either fall asleep listening to it, or my attention would be diverted to focusing on the lyrics on whatever song it was playing, and crying (sometimes!).

Nothing else to say liao.
And my holiday mood is so not over yet!
Btw, does school reopen on next monday or what?

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