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Thursday, November 26, 2009

a thursday

2day me and Daddy went to Malacca!!!
To watch "A Christmas Carol"!!!
Zzzzzz b4 that he kept telling me "Christmas Carols"...==||||

Then, on the way there, we talked about my future o.
1st time talk so much with him leh...actually I was feeling carsick de, but suan liao lo.
Then he ask me want to study biotechnology or not o.
I told him I hate bio very very VERY much lo, so no lo.
But he said it's different from what we learn at school de wor.
He said o, he see me diam-diam this kind of person o, it's more suitable for me to do research wor.
Then I asked lo, if research liao din hv any results, still can get payment de ma?
Then he said of coz can wor.
So, as I'm a very 好吃懒做 de person, I'll consider it lo, haha.
BUT HOR!!! Study biotechnology o!!! Sure very susah 1 lo, hor?!
So these holidays, I'll try to improve my bio.
And try to make myself like it.
And try to find out the difference between mitosis and meiosis, coz after exam I terus forget liao.

Then, when tiba traffic lights, our car stop lo.
Then I looked at the lorry on our right side, and saw that the driver had hung his sunglasses on his car mirror there.

Talking about sunglasses, when he was driving, Daddy took out a pair of sunglasses and wore them, coz the sun very 刺眼.
Then he asked me to guess the price of the sunglasses.
Then I saja-saja tikam lo, and said RM30.
Then he told me, he bought it from kedai 2 ringgit de.

Ei, I realized that I keep using the word "then" leh.
But nvm de la hor.
Ok, nvm.
Then, we finally reached liao.
Then we went to take lunch 1st lo, beef noodles.
Strictly speaking, I had beef mihun and Daddy had beef kuetiao.
AND O!!!
I tell u o, I really dun like eating with Daddy lo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
U know why??
Coz he eat so FAST!!!
I feel very stressed de u know!!
Coz when he finished eating the whole bowl, n drink liao all his soup, and finished drinking his longan drink also, I baru finished half a bowl!!!
Then he sat there waiting for me.
So paiseh de lo.

Then, I finally finished eating liao.
Then we went to Pahlawan there de Golden Screen Cinemas lo.
So many ppl there!!!
So many shuai ges there!!!
But 95% de shuai ges hv gf ady. ==
And then got this SUPER 配 pair of 情侣!
They wear 情侣装 jiu ok liao lo, then both r shuai ge mei nv!
Then their hair length also the same de, coz the girl had short hair (for a girl) and the boy had slightly long hair (for a boy)!
Then their legs also the same...erm...diameter??
I tell u o, the girl's 大腿跟我的小腿一样粗!!!
How how how!!! So paiseh la~~自卑!

Then watched the movie liao lo.
Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice!!!!!!!!!!
But din hv 3D!
Coz until december only hv!
aiya, if go later then can watch 3D liao lo. =(
But actually dun hv 3D also gt that kind of feel la.

Then after the movie, me and Daddy went to McDonald's to hv an ice-cream each.^^
Choco top one...then my mouth also got chocolate layer on top liao. ==||
And all the time I couldn't help thinking o, if Daddy was younger 30 years and wasn't my father o, it would be so romantic sia lo!
Ei I couldn't help thinking so de ma, coz we were practically surrounded by 情侣s all the time.

Then went home lo~

And hor, 2day I kept thinking about a person.
I won't tell who it is de. =P

THEN HOR, just now I baru tau somebody delete me last time!!
I tell u ar, I'm very 记仇 one.
I won't forgive u liao de.

No la just joking, u add back me I alrd very happy liao la.
But still bu shuang last time de u!! >_<"

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