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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thinking far.

Ok...after 3 days of exercising every morning (each morning 15 minutes only ah!!), now my thighs ache like dunno what every time I sit down!!!
WALAO...I feel so tak guna lo!!!!

I dunno what to say eh...
Oh ya...the new baby rabbits grow up a bit liao o...
Gt a white one very pretty de...haha...
And also got another one SUPER BIG de lo...
Last time b4 his fur finished growing o, he alrd very swollen liao de.
Coz daddy said he very pandai in fighting for milk.
Walao eh...last time super kb de lo...dun hv fur and so fat!!!
Now jiu better a bit la...coz he jz looks like a normal rabbit several days bigger than the other rabbits, altho they were born on the same day...

And o, last nite daddy bought 2 Tinkerbell cartoons.
Tak da Peter Pan de, haha.
Then he testing a bit lo...the colours so nice!!!
Later baru watch.

Then o, yesterday he said he maybe will bring me to Malacca to watch "Christmas Carols" 2moro o...haha...
Then on my birthday will watch 2012...

2012 o, many ppl say nice la...but I've gt a feeling that it will not b my type lo...
I dun like that kind that ppl keep dying de leh... ==||

OH YA!!!
My birthday is coming soon!!!
So fast!!!
I still dun hv that feeling leh!!!
That excited feeling, dun hv!!!

aiyo...I dun wan to turn 16 so fast leh~
Then next year is 17 liao.
Feels so...大姐姐!!
I dun like that feeling lo~~ ==||

N next year sure hv many pressure de lo...n mafan also, many exams!!!
It's PMR all over again, but worse!!!
But after SPM, jiu holidays lo.
But I'll hv to spend my 17th birthday in the midst of SPM, haiz.

Then after SPM!!!
Dunno will kena plkn or not leh, if kena then cry lo...
If tak da kena, then laugh lo...
stay at home so long, will b very sien de leh!!!
I know I won't work de, coz I'm very lazy 1!!!
So stay at home and give birth to worms lo.

Then, time to go to university o!!!
Nonono....not get SPM results 1st!!!
So scared o!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If get bad results, then byebye liao lo.

If get good results, then hello lo. ==||
Then need to go to university!
If no friends then how!!
If my roommate and me don't get along then how!!
Coz I'm 100% a 路痴...and 99% will go to a different state (州) de ma...haiz!!!
scared leh.

Then after 4 or 5 years of university, need to find a job liao!!!
If cannot find then how!
If find liao then regret n dun like then how!!!

oh ya, I forgot I'm not even 16 yet.

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