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Sunday, November 29, 2009

A post about Bobby

1st of all, Bobby is my bolster whom I hug every night.

This is my only pic with him. =(
Taken about a hundred years ago.
Yala, I know I'm very dark la!

Okay. Bobby.
My sisters say that Bobby is very disgusting o.
He's so nice and 结实 to kiss lo!!
Yala, since small I've had the habit of kissing my bolster and also my blanket, Johnny.
My blanket hor, I like to fold it up and kiss the edge there, so that it's thick and very nice to kiss.
My kiss is definitely not the one that I will do to my bf in the future la.
It's a very noisy kiss, which does Not involve saliva, so don't look disgusted.
Erm...if I say it sounds like somebody farting will you vomit or look down on me in the future?
I hope you won't lo, coz it really does.

Bcoz I'm too wuliao liao lo, aiyo.

Ok, Bobby.

When I was really small, I used to have a smaller bolster.
The size that babies use la.
But when I grew older, I didn't like small bolsters anymore.
Coz I wrap my legs round my bolster de ma, and if it's too small then it's not comfortable de lo.
So I started to use Bobby lo, which was a grown-up sized bolster.

Then, after many years, I think that time I was about 8? dunno leh. But I still remember the dress that I was wearing that time. It was the brownish flowery one with the peach ribbons.
That day o, my mother said that it was time to change bolsters liao o.
That time I was really angry and bu shuang and sad lo!!!
Coz I already have 感情 with my Bobby liao ma!!!

But that time he was really broken liao la.
I mean, broken inside lo, cannot see but can feel one, coz I used to bend him in an L-shape and ride him on my bed, saying that he was my duck.
When I said he was my duck, I mean a fake duck la, let children ride de~ masukkan a coin and can ride that de la, not a real duck with feathers la, aiyo.

There was Bobby, placed on an easy chair in my sister Gail's room.
And there was me, crying on him. ==|||
Cannot meh!

Ok lo, he had to go in the end.

And I got a new bolster.
Which I named Bobby as well la.
Which is my current bolster that you see in the pic above.
Which was Super Hard at first!!!
But after a few bends, he became softer and softer as the days passed. ;)


And he came with a super hard mattress and an even harder pillow!!!
That night I really couldn't sleep on the pillow lo!
Coz it was really like a rock!
So I slept on Bobby lo, which was the softest part of my bed that night.

But also very uncomfortable lo.
In the end I got up and went to the toilet to lao sai.

Dunno y la, that time I really hv stomachache ma.


I dunno what else to talk about Bobby liao leh.

Oh ya.
From my bolster, I can really see myself growing up lo!
The first time when I stood beside Bobby on the bed, he was taller than me de lo.
And after that got one time when I was so happy to find that we were the same height.

Talking about growing taller, I remember how I used to be able to switch on the kitchen light, coz it was the lowest switch in the house.
But I had to jump every time la.
Then got one time when I realized that I could reach it without jumping, and I was still jumping just bcoz I had gotten into a habit.
But that time I still couldn't reach the switches in my bedroom and also the living room la.
Jump also cannot.
I remember standing on the bed, and "flying" towards the switches, but in the end...aiya you know what happened to John, Wendy and Michael the first time they tried to fly la (in Peter Pan).

But why am I talking about this!! I was talking about Bobby!

Erm so anyway, Bobby is really a nice punch bag for me when I'm really reeeeeeally sad or angry lo. Coz he's so 结实 ma.

And~~ I really can't sleep without him de lo.
I mean, not without him la, is without a bolster.
Coz my legs will feel so empty there, and very uncomfortable.

Erm. I think I'm going to have to bring this extremely wuliao post to an end.
bye ^^

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