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Saturday, November 21, 2009


so. sien. eh.

Btw, this morning o, I looked at my hp and saw a new msg.
Then I open lo, and saw that it was an sms wishing me happy birthday. ==||
The person that sent me this kira very 有心 liao lo, coz we've only chatted on msn for about 5 times.
The last and only time in this year was in august.
Actually he add me long b4 that liao de...last year de november we gt chat after that i think he very 38 and bian tai so i block him liao lo.
Then that day in august i shuang shuang jiu unblock him lo.
Then he berkenal semula dengan after that dunno y his memory come bk liao o, he said last time we chat b4 de kan, u 4got liao ar...n then he giv me my hp number summore...walaoeh dunno when i giv him de ==||

like this lo.
And just now when I check bk i realized that I've blocked him again o.==
Unblocking him now.
Ok done.

Anyway I replied him and said tq but he was early 10 days lo.
And he didn't reply liao.

And just now, I realized.
Then I'm 16 alrd!!!!!!!!

So fast???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Last time got 10 months de leh!!!!!!!!

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