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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

byebye prince

我发现到噢~~~ 平时我睡酱多都是因为一个字 — 懒。


And then o, yesterday I read this 爱情小说!!!
So NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's like a drama!!!
And very long lo, gt 90 chapters. ==
But one chapter quite short de la...anyway I was reading it from lunchtime till dinner time without doing anything else.
WAH I really admire the author lo!!
Coz it was just so Real!


And o, yesterday I also got to know a new friend. ^^
This friend is quite special de o...not like dulu de...dulu de tak boleh panggil "friend" lo, 因为他们都是别有用心的!
This one o...dunno y different de!!! ^@^
Very admire this kind of ppl leh...hehe...
And dunno y, erm, u rmbr last time I talked about a prince?? I think this one is a hundred times more princelier than him!
But I won't like this one de lo...jz will admire only.
AND hor, bcoz I've found someone better than the previous prince, I now officially announce that my crush on the previous prince is OVER!!! ^^
Bt still gt my cup of tt wor...I dun actually know my feelings 2wards him leh!
Coz so many days didn't contact him ady!
Usually he also won't zhu dong to sms me de...every time (if gt) also me zhu dong de.
Make me feel so cheap lo. ==||
Bt I think I still hv a bit of feeling 2wards him lo.
See how la...I think this feeling will be gone by January la.
I hope.

Ei, wanna talk about what leh?
Oh ya...
I think I've given up on cutting my hair short liao.
I think only ar.
Coz o...aiyo dunno la, maybe I think I'll look too much like a boy if I do so.
A girlish boy.
Which is worse.
And if I wear skirt o...hmm...maybe some 短发美女s will have that kind of 气质...but sorry lo I dun hv lo.
I'll just look weird. ==||

But now I come to think of it hor...long hair is actually quite 方便 leh.
Coz o...Form 5 gt many exams de rite...then if in the exam hall the fan keeps blowing at me and I can't tie up my hair o, sure will b very kacau 1 lo.
And if I kena PLKN, lagi kacau lo.
I mean my hair very kacau la.
So I think I'll wait till I know if I'm in for PLKN only go to cut lo.
That is, if I din kena la.
aiya, shun qi zi ran la. ==

And dunno y, recently the weather so cold leh.

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