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Monday, November 9, 2009

lazy 2 blog about the 3 days.
all i can say is i was a disgrace.
if want to know then can ask me on msn or whatever.

but overall, quite nice.
altho we got 12th.
sabah got 1st but i didn't even remember their songs. ==
kedah came 2nd...haha, but i wanted them 2 b 1st, coz i liked them so much, especially the "korean" boy who went and got his hair cut later. ==

conductor conductor.
pahang's conductor and pianist super super super shat.
i wish i lived in pahang and went to their school.
but their singing was not very good actually.
anyway they got 5th.

last nite slept 2 hours.
it was an accident la, i didn't mean to sleep.
and it was also an accident that i thought bio paper was the 1st paper.
but it was add maths.
so shocked coz the last 3 chapters i hvn looked at all.
nvm, last 10 minutes b4 the exam try n make my memory bigger.
failed ==
but overall not bad la, coz they gt give formula.
but hor, this is add maths paper 1 only, i already had 2 questions out of 25 dunno how to do.
others also tikam only de.
dunno correct or not.

lagi cham.
the norsaida...i really hate her lo.
so difficult.
i know how to do 15 questions out of 50 only.
and made mistakes in basic questions. ==
i must pick up on paper 2 and 3.
altho i think i can't.


that day, saturday, after we failed to enter the finals, they went karaoke while i wandered about outside.
then, teacher suddenly said later got exam.
walao eh.
i was studying bio at that time, not making any progress.
while my chemistry was totally abandoned, coz i thought no time for exam there liao ma.
so, die lo.

and i didn't have much time also, coz my roommate bathe very slow. ==
about 5 to 6 questions all tikam de.
i didn't have time to check my answers, coz need to go down liao.
actually we can come back afterwards to check de la, the 2nd morning also can, but i 4got teacher de room number liao == and lazy to go also.
so it's my own fault.

everything is my own fault for not studying earlier and leaving everything to the last minute.
i know that alrd, so no need to tell me ar, tq.

btw last friday nite somebody told me about something that somebody said.
and bcoz the somebody who said the something was a semi-important friend, i was quite upset and angry about it, altho i din show it.

ei, next time o, if dun hv topics to talk about, pls dun joke about me ar.
pls Respect me.
even if want to talk about me, pls dun say such Untruths ok??
stupid stupid stupid

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