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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well, I'm 16 today.
And I look exactly the same as yesterday.

And, last nite dunno y...the big fan so cold!!!!
And I was too sleepy to get down from bed and switch it off o. that lo.
Sneezing today.

And this morning!
Actually I woke up at 6 liao de.
Then slept back, and woke up at 8.
Then 9.
And I decided to get up, coz I wanted to online.
But COULD NOT LEH...coz my eyes open liao jiu automatically closed...and my legs also dun wan stand whole body still telling me to sleep!
So slept again till 9.30 or something lo.

Bad mood ah.
Last nite after midnite, sumbody on9 and I had this wild feeling that he on9 just to wish me happy bday.
But he didn't lo, sms also dun hv 1.

So...he spoilt my mood for the day.

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