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Friday, October 23, 2009


早上,是Hari Q & Hari Anugerah blah blah blah.
Daddy also went to school with me, but he told me he would have to go at 9, coz at 9 he got class.
It was supposed to start at 7.30.

Then, wait wait wait until 8.40, and Daddy had to go b4 it started. ==
STUPID de lo, how come start so late de????!!!!!!!!
No clock meh?!

Then start liao lo...n finally came to the prize-giving ceremony.
We didn't actually have enough time to get ready, ppl missing here and missing there, n no wakil. ==
Then, the girl b4 me was missing, coz she change school liao.
Then, the cikgu asmawati was very 紧张, coz it was almost our turn liao.
Then, 2 more and it would be my turn.
I was already at the door liao.
*we were supposed to beratur like this de, one person on the stage receiving the prize, 2nd person on top of the steps at the stage, 3rd person below the steps, 4th person at the door, others all outside.
Then, suddenly got a female, wearing a colourful baju kurung and long straight black hair, go in front of me.
I didn't see her face ar.
Then my name was announced liao.
Then, this woman/girl terus walk in front of me and went up the stage.
In my panic (ei ppl 1st time receive prize on stage in secondary school ma!!!PMR de prize lai de btw), I really thought that the female person was my Bio teacher, Miss Ham!!!! Altho I knew that teacher had curly hair and not straight...but my mind was close to blank at that moment.
And o...I dunno y I can b so stupid la...I thought that the "teacher" just wanted to 路过 on the stage only...dunno la, short cut or mind was SERIOUSLY not clear lo!!!!
And then I followed her o!!! without stopping on the steps!
And when she received the prize, I was only like half a meter behind her!!!!!
I tell u lo, when she took the prize I was really shocked, and my mind suddenly became clear again.
What a horrible awakening. ==
SO 丢脸咯!!!!!!
In front of the whole dewan summore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paiseh paiseh paiseh.

Ok...then...received prize lo.
It was a sijil and a piala btw.
Piala was a rectangular thing that could be set up like a photo frame.
Very "high class" de summore, the school badge on it dropped off when I took it out from my bag when I reached home.
Stuck on with double sided tape only de. ==
The sijil no name de summore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ==

After we received our prizes, the choir members went to bilik pengawas to have our final practices.
Practise liao, then we went to have our lunch.
Erm...I didn't eat lo...coz it was the leftovers of the jamuan that the teachers cooked.
All pedas de, later eat liao cannot sing ma.
And moreover, I see the food liao also no appetite.
So I just drank a cup of juice/syrup/dunno what only.

Then, celebrated mag's bday 4 awhile^^, then final practice, then off we went.
Waited for the bus in the hot sun.==
Then it came, and we got on. come I feel a bit carsick when I'm typing this ar?
I'm not kidding.

Ok...then blahblahblah and we arrived at SMK Pendeta Za'ba.
When I was seated in the dewan, the first thing I did was to sms sarah, and tell her “我看见一个很帅的哥!”

Then, blahblahblah again and the competition started.
We were very unlucky lo, coz got some technical problems happen to us.

1. We were supposed to be the 2nd school to sing, but when the competition started, the 司仪 calmly announced that now welcome the 1st school to sing, SMK TUNKU BESAR TAMPIN! We were all seriously shocked lo, still sitting there! Then 没有办法lo, we beratur in the dewan hurriedly and went up on stage. Ben xiao jie almost tripped. ==

2. We stood there on the stage for a really LONG time. A few minutes, in fact. Felt really silly lo, just standing there waiting for the music to start!!!! The 音响 ppl dunno doing what. So, just stood and smiled at the audience. ==

3. Finally, the music start liao. Then we sang the 1st song lo...I think on the whole still ok la. Then, 2nd song no music de, I'm supposed to play the keyboard de. So I left my place and went down the stage to play the keyboard lo. Mana tau, just as I arrived in front of the keyboard, suddenly got a song playing!!! I was very ??? lo, 难道 they thought our Tanah Pusaka song also use Minus-1 de? But then got a person sing de o, and the song was not Tanah Pusaka also. I seriously didn't know what to do, and I know that time my expression was very 慌张, totally 4got that I was still in front of the audience! I looked at the 司仪 beside me, but she just calmly looked at her papers or whatever.== Then I looked at teacher and jessie for help, then I think they told the ppl to stop the music, I can't remember clearly at that time. At long last, they stopped the stupid music, and we were allowed to finish our turn. == walao eh.

Ok...finally finished, yeah.
Then the 司仪 said that bcoz of masalah teknikal, 原本 1st school is xxx school de, but blahblahblah.
Ok, the 2nd school finished singing, and I thought, yeah, 他们肯定输我们的~

Then dunno number what de school, was the very shat school that I 1st saw on stage when I arrived, coz they were practising going up the stage or whatever.
They hor, very special, coz they had 2 pianists!
One was a small boyboy, maybe form 1 only...actually I also dunno y need 2 pianists lo, coz he only play one song only, and it was the song when they went up the stage and down. ==
like that also need a special pianist.
Then when they were all assembled on the stage, the 2nd pianist played dang dang dang, and they started to 轻唱.
No 分音 de somemore, and sing dao very fast, like chasing train.
Ok...the 2nd pianist o, was completely different from the small boy lo, the small boy was very cute de. But this one o, was very far from cute lo. BCOZ HE WAS SO SHAT!!!!!!!!!! And really very very handsome de!!!!!!! Ok la, maybe not THAT handsome la, but he was by far the handsomest one in the dewan, haha. In fact, he was the one that I sms-ed sarah about, when I 1st arrived. haha. Then, they sang liao about 2 songs. Then the shuai ge tiba-tiba play the piano liao. His style was very shat, brrrrum brrrrum de style, but hor, when he started to play, they immediately bcame even 乱-er than b4. And the shuai ge played wrong quite a number of chords also, so the effect was really weird. :x But towards the end they were quite good la, in fact I began to worry about them, coz they 肯定可以和我们比.
Btw, that school was methodist acs ar.
whatever school that is.

K...the other schools all very sien, but got one school was also very good. The pianist hor, was a girl la...fat and dark de, dun look like chinese de, but I think she is anyway. Dunno la. Last time during a forgot-what function at our church, I remember she came, and she played the piano and sang. Her voice was really, really, really good.
Then she also got solo a part lo, I think the song was Setia. I mean, at the competition la. She wasn't beautiful, but she had a sort of inner beauty that made her seem beautiful. Their school also sang dao very good lo.

Then, the competition was finally over.
We listened to a cak lempong performance.
And an ucapan.
A really LOOOOOOOOOOONG ucapan!!!
Then, finally!!! Time to announce the results!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
banyak suspense o.
I didn't even dare to hear...I kept thinking, what if we didn't even get number 3? What if we get number 2?I'll be kinda disappointed if we get number about number 1? I permitted myself to hope wildly for number 1 for one second, then went back to closing my eyes tightly and trying to focus on not thinking about anything at all and just listen to the 司仪.

3rd place, was...methodist acs!!!!! the Shuai Ge's school!!!!!!!!!!! So happy for him!!!! ^^
But, he disappeared liao o. :( Btw, I think if I actually knew him in person, I wouldn't like him so much lo...coz he got a bu shuang look when he was in front! He looked bu shuang and impatient. :S But to a complete stranger like me, that only increased the "shat" effect. haha.

2nd place, Dato dunno what what!!!! Just now I said good de school la.

1st place...hahahahahahhahahaha!!!! Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tunku Besar Tampin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol. But after that my mood went down.
Coz hor, we need to go to KUANTAN for our next competition!!!!

1. Very LONG de journey lo. Even if I can make it, my tummy can't. Walao eh I feel carsick again now!!! It's really a 心理作用 lo, but I can't help it!!

2. We need to Stay for 3 days, 2 nights!!! I tell u o, I've never slept away from my family members b4! coz I never go to camps. And I seriously dunno how to look after myself lo.

3. No friends. Sarah not going, others...still ok la, but I know I can't mix.

4. It's on the 6th, 7th and 8th on November. 6th is a Friday, we have exam.

5. BIGGEST POINT. 8th is SUNDAY, and I can't go to church!!!!

6. 8th November is Sunday School Sunday (主日学主日).

7. I'm pianist for worship on that day.

8. walao eh. I can't think liao, but I think the above points are enough already?

Anyway, during half the journey back home, I was talking to teacher about this.
She gave me many reasons la, all very got dao li de, but I only had one reason, I must go to church on Sunday.
Like all the other non-Christians, she couldn't understand about this.
But her reasons really very reasonable de, only I can't remember a single one right now.
In the end, I agreed to think about this when I went home.
Then she said ok, then 2moro (today) I fax ur name over liao ar.

Ei, bt all the time along I never said "yes" lo.
When I got home and told daddy, he said “久久一次,没有办法了的咯。”
So that's that, and I'll be spending an unhappy (and possibly very carsick) 3 days over at kuantan, feeling sibeh 内疚.
Congratulations, Mable, you get to miss ur exam too, so you'll have to retake it later. wow.

*UPDATE~~ my sis told me something just now, so the church problem is no longer a problem...but new problem timbul, just thought of's the women's problem...I think it's that week, walao eh... ei how come i'm announcing this to the whole world ar? *blushes

*UPDATE 27/10 The women's problem is also no longer a problem! haha...coz it's this week *blushes again

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