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Thursday, October 15, 2009

stupid day

so sien.
2dayour class 11 ppl din come to school.
mood not very good all day leh.

morning was perasmian minggu bahasa.
the song quite nice de.

ei i dunno what else to say liao leh.

ok la.
the happiest part of the day was when i knew that puan umah was absent.
maybe she go to celebrate her deepavali liao.


then, add maths tuition.

mood tambah not good.

but then~~~~~~~

aiya dunno la.
confused leh.
when you dun [like] a person, how come that person can make ur heart go BOM BOM BOM and make u feel very bu zi zai de??
nvm, after 1 month i wun face this problem anymore~

just now, register for next year's tuition~
i put monday.
but now got a bit regret.
dunno o.


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