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Saturday, October 10, 2009


ahahaha I've just remembered something... ;)
On Wednesday, that is this week de Wednesday la, means 3 days before, we had to hantar our Directed Writing exercise book.
The homework was writing a journal on a five day study-cum-pleasure trip to Cameron Highlands.

Now, as some of you may not know, I've never been to Cameron Highlands.
And I couldn't possibly rely on the few lines in the textbook to write a journal for FIVE DAYS!!!
So, we were supposed to look it up ourselves, internet or brochures or whatever.

But being the hardworking little student I was, I only remembered to do so on Wednesday.
I did know it on Tuesday, but physics tuition is very sien de ma, make ppl so tired...
...clear ppl's memory summore o...

Anyway, first period was PJ, second was ENGLISH!!

So I had to 赶火车 during PJ period lo.
I really didn't know a single thing about Cameron Highlands, except for the lines provided in the textbook, so I had to crap a lot lo.==
I kept talking about me instead of the trip.
I even forgot to put in the aim, that is to study conservative efforts and environmetal-dunno-what.

In fact, when I wrote the last word, teacher had already arrived at the door.
So I didnt expect much of a result lo, when the book was returned.
But~~~~ I got a "good"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sometimes when Tai says the teacher is 心歪一边, I really agree de.
But hor...I'm kinda glad also...coz if it really is so, then I'm on the right 边 of her 心...^@^

Click here to view if you want to~ ^^

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