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Thursday, September 10, 2009

That hen

No, I'm not scolding about a person.
I'm not as vulgar as to call anybody a hen. ==

That black hen at home ar...the one with dirty flecks of white on its back, the one with patches of bare skin here and there, just now So Irritating u know! zzz
When I wanted to unlock the door, it kept hovering about behind me, so I turned to chase it away lo. But it just stood there, immobile.
Then I pretended to kick it, and very nearly did on accident==, then it ran away a few steps.
I turned to unlock the door in peace.
Then I turned round suspiciously, and lo and behold, there it was right behind me again.
I stamped my foot loudly, and it jumped back a few steps.
Then I proceeded to chase it, but it wasn't working well coz it was just running back to the door.
Make me have to run in circles like a crazy girl.
Finally!!! I succeeded in chasing it to the side of the house, far away from the door.
I unlocked the door, and went in.
I went to the toilet.
When I came out, I looked at our glass door...and...there it was, on the doorstep.
I give up.

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