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Thursday, October 1, 2009


2day, during add maths the last ten minutes or so la, 3 boys came to our class.
That time zainuri just let we all do our work only.
Then one from 5 teguh de came in, then told mr zainuri that he wanted to find me.
Then when I went over to him o, he just handed me a card...about what what hepatitis B de , n said “你去找…那个5 Teguh的…”
N was going to walk away when I asked “谁噢?”
Then he said “嗯,现在~” n disappeared b4 I could ask anymore.
I was very ??? lo...but nvm, asked zainuri for permission, then went along to 5 teguh lo.
But when I reached there I dunno who to find o, so I just skulked along outside, n looked inside a bit...then felt very stupid n went back to my own class.
But when I reached my class hor, I saw zainuri was still inside...n I was paiseh to go in lo, so I walked about outside my class for quite a while, very blurly.
Then I saw one girl coming out from 5 teguh, n she was heading towards the kantin.
So nvm lo, I just follow...n when reached kantin, o, really injection.
Then when I gave my card to that man, he said “有带钱吗?”
Of coz not lo...I'm so rich meh, n I dunno want to pay how much summore~~
Then got another woman there, she said “哦,Mable Lee啊…我们没有你的号码…你的号码给错了…”
So I gave my hp number lo.
N waited for the others to take their injection first (all form 1 de, paiseh la)...then my turn lo.
When I sat down, the woman said “那时我们联络不到你哦…你给谁的号码?你男朋友的啊?”
ei very sweat lo~~~
Then I said “号码对啊…刚才我看了,我的家里电话吗…”
Then she said “没有,那时你给的手提电话号码…”
Me :“有咩?”
Well, it's still a mystery.
Then, suntik liao lo.
No pain de...coz I think I'm alrd immune feelings liao, in mind and in body.
Then when I went back, reached my class, then I removed the cotton come one drop of blood also dun have de?
So I threw it away b4 entering my class lo...if not later let ppl see liao...paiseh de ma.
Then hor I went in lo.
But after I sat down for a while hor, I went to see my arm got blood or not lo...oh no really have a bit bit o!! But dry ady la~~~
Then after sleeve also stain dao liao!!!!!!!
So ugly la! ==
how come the stupid cotton dun have de ar~~~~~~~~~ :(

Anyway...overall, today is a fairly pleasant day...but quite sleepy.
Dunno why la...yesterday I also slept quite early...around 12++ (usually i sleep at 1.00 or 2.00)...then this morning still so sleepy... :S

Oh ya!!! I 4got to mention...last night I watched 6th Sense...
Nice leh...
The star of the show hor...which was a little boy, was the same as the one in Artificial Intelligence...
His name is Haley Joel Osment and I like him so much!!!
He is so cool and such a good actor!!!
Daddy said he's 12 years old, but he's acting 9 years old in the movie.
But all the time I thought he was about 7, coz he's so small-sized.
I really like him la...haha~~
And he reminds me of a friend...

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