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Sunday, September 20, 2009


Just now after church, went to daddy's former colleague ~ Cikgu Halim's house.
Not that one at our school a few years ago de la, pls. ==
This one hor, 32 years old but still look like 20++.
Can speak chinese de, coz he study at chung hua primary school.
Quite handsome de leh.

I tell u o, b4 going to his house for lunch, I really didn't want to go de.
Not bcoz I scared or anything la, mood too bad liao.
Really Bad lo.
So many ppl bumped into me.
Nobody said sorry.
Always also I'm the one to make way.
Have to plaster a smile on my face summore, or else ppl will think I'm a convicted murderer.

But now...better la.
No angry liao.
But I really MISS that MNP...stupid fellow...disappeared...din see him for 3 days (okok that is long to me, ok)...wasieh...after raya I sure forget his face liao de.
Sure imagine him to look like a superstar liao de.
Yala I tend to make the ppl that I miss, and don't get to see for a long time, look more and more perfect in my mind.
And then get a shock when I see him/her.
I'll just have to put up with a bad mood until next Tuesday, or maybe much later.
Next Tuesday as in, the Tuesday after hari raya.

Outside my house, there's a swing.
A swing that nobody sits on, that is.
Coz it's too dirty.
Although it is not sat on, but it is stood on.
Yala the chickens la.
That's partly why it's so dirty.
And it hasn't been cleaned in years, coz clean liao also nobody want to sit.
Anyway, there's a fat pregnant rabbit there.
I mean, a rabbit in a cage la.
On the swing.
Daddy said that the rabbit was expecting babies anytime.
Erm...I mean Daddy is expecting baby rabbits from the rabbit la har.
And so need to put there lo, to observe it.
Coz all our rabbits are kept at the back of our house, where I go, like, 3 times a year.
And last time a rabbit gave birth there, to 7 babies if I'm not mistaken, and a few got squashed to death by the mother.
Or something like that.
Either that or Daddy didn't feed them.
So anyway, this mama rabbit needs to be kept under our eyes so that we know as soon as she gives birth.
I wonder, will it squeal very loudly when it gives birth?
I hope not. I love my ears, even though they are not in what you would call the perfect ear-shape.
Anyway, I love my eardrums.

Then, beside the swing, on the floor, there's another cage.
I told Daddy that the rabbit inside there is very beautiful.
Daddy told me it is cheap and not beautiful.
The pregnant one baru beautiful, very expensive de.
Btw the cheap one belongs to another colleague ar, coz he want to celebrate hari raya, his house maybe no place to put.
Back to topic.
I really think that the one on the floor is more beautiful lo!!!!!
I dun have camera leh, haiz.
But I'll describe it.
The pregnant one first.
It's white, big and fat, and has brown rings round its eyes.
Brown eyes btw.
I would have preferred it more without the rings.
Ok now the handsome one. (coz it's a male)
It's much smaller.
It's slim, with a thinner face. (daddy said small face long ears not nice, but i saw that their ears are the same length ma)
It's brown.
Looks handsome and 斯文...and it's really tame btw.
Aiya I know that all of you prefer the white one from my description la, coz I said fat ma, all of you sure think cute de.
But I assure you it is not cute at all.

Then, I asked to see the bunny named Chubbles.
Then went to see it lo.
And I saw a grownup bunny looking back at me from the cage.
Walao eh, how come one month ago it was still a baby, now look so MATURE liao de!?
I dun like lo!!!!!
And there's another rabbit.
White with a big patch of grey.
Last time saw it together with Chubbles de.
That time already very big, and can squeal VERY VERY LOUDLY and non-stop de summore.
Last time already as big as a small dog liao de.
Now ar...walao eh...elephant ar.
No la.
But...really big lo...big until very e xin.
There's a black rabbit in the cage there too.
Looks quite nice despite its colour, coz it looks glossy and clean.
There's a white rabbit there too...pure white, without rings or spots anywhere...not bad la, but I still dun like.
The only rabbit that I like is the brown one, and it doesn't belong to us.
But I still dunno why daddy prefers ugly and expensive rabbits to cheap and lengzai and si wen rabbits lo.

Btw today I went to tampin shopping after sunday school as usual.
I bought two pens and a correction tape.
But seriously...I'm running out of pens leh.
My pens all dry up liao de...use until half jiu can't use liao, so waste.
I only have one useable blue pen, that can really use to write essay de and won't get into a temper de.
And that will last...erm...about a week more?
So I bought new de liao lo.

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