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Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am!!! in love with CCR.
Ok la...I'll tell everybody la, actually hor...CCR stands for...



Just now hor, the pregnant rabbit finally gave birth liao.
B4 that o, b4 dinner, around 7.00++pm or so, daddy told me maybe she would give birth in the morning.
Coz she was making a biting off her own fur, and biting the grass, and taking it to one corner in the cage.
Her fur looks like cotton wool leh.
Maybe that's where cotton wool comes from.

Then, daddy put a towel there, and 弄乱 the grass. ==
This was b4 I saw it, and so I didn't get to see the original "nest".
But I guess it wasn't anything special la.

So anyway.
Daddy predicted that she would give birth at around midnight, but as I was getting ready for my bath, in the bathroom and all, at around 9.00++pm, daddy said that she had already given birth.
So after my bath I went out to see lo.

New-born baby rabbits are not cute.
I mean...they're cute in a way, when you stare and stare at them for a reeeeeeally long time.
But meanwhile, the first impression they give you are just...bits of meat.
Coz they don't have fur at all, and their eyes are shut.
And their skins are wrinkled.

Just now I also saw CCR!!!
CCR is the brown rabbit that belongs to my dad's colleague, mentioned in previous posts, and is going home in about a week's time.
But just now I finally got to stroke him leh!!! ^^

Daddy said this rabbit very active.
haha yalo.
All the other rabbits are just fat and lazy and snooze all the time.
This one never sleep de.
But in the morning and afternoon, he's very sien la...when I go over he just continues eating his grass.

But just now he kept standing up leh.
And he is quite a clean rabbit leh, cleans himself frequently de.

Just now he kept on eating and eating.
Then finally when I thought he wanted to sleep liao, I walked over quietly and waited for him to shut his eyes.
But his eyes just half shut only. ==
Then he suddenly dun wan sleep liao, and stood up on his hind legs, and washed his face with his hands.

CUTE DAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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