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Friday, September 4, 2009


2day o, maths period 4 pintar want to use our lab, so we no home can go lo.
Then we went to see fizik lab, gt form 5 class inside.
Then, ask chemistry lab can use ma, cannot, bcoz 4 teguh want to use.
Then go to 4 teguh lo, but they had accounts class.
Then waited for sir lo, bcoz after he came out of the teachers' toilet jiu disappeared liao.
Waited liao quite long sia.
Then when he finally came back, we went to 4 pintar's class.
Then dunno y, everybody sit down liao, suddenly all have to move to 3 dinamik. or 3 wat ar? can't remember.
Then look at my watch...25 minutes passed ady...==

Chinese class.
We were at bilik BI for half an hour.
Coz the door cannot open.
In the end had to go to 4 pintar.

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