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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

haha happy night o

Last nite, my 表叔公、表叔婆 and 表叔 came to belanja us dinner.
We went to Quan Qiu restaurant.
Dinner was as usual lo...I alrd eat A LOT liao...coz I was sitting beside my grandfather n he kept taking for me...they still said I eat like a mouse. ==
Btw, I really Do Not like ppl to take vegetables for me de I'm still a kid...I mean, I don't put every sort of vegetable in my bowl at once, bcoz nobody does that.
Then they all would say...自己拿啊...and take for me. ==
What la!?

Ok lo...
I tell u hor...b4 going, I was really REALLY hoping that I would meet Mr Near-Perfect there.
I just had a feeling that I would.
Maybe it was just bcoz I had been thinking about him all day long la.
But whatever.
Then on the way there, I was also hoping that I would meet the "ex-TT" there.
Dun ask me why, I dunno. always, my feelings are really not to be trusted. ==

From the beginning of the dinner to the end of the dinner, all the ppl who ever came to the restaurant were kids, Indians, uncles and aunties.
Not even one teenager.
Well...except me la.
But that doesn't count.

No leng zai.
Not even a leng lui.
Should I say "except me"?
hahahaha just kidding la.
Then after everybody finished eating, the grownups all continued chatting there lo.
Dunno they chat liao how long.
They chat how long I jiu sat there doing nothing how long lo.
Listen to their conversations lo...but they're all talking, dunno want to listen to who.

During the last 15 minutes or so, a family came in.
At least I assume that they were a family la.
First, an uncle around 50 or 60.
Then, a young girl, maybe around my age.
Then two boys, also around my age de.
One of the boys looked quite kiddish, but he was maybe form 2 or 3 la.
The other one was shorter, but looked more mature...maybe form 4 or form 5 lo.
The shorter one was quite handsome de leh...haha...altho his eyes were quite small.

Then I looked over at them lo.
Then the shorter one~ aiya call him Handsomer one la...looked over at me o.
So paiseh ==
Then I quickly looked away lo.
But soon I became bored again, and looked over at them.
There was an Indian family between us.
Then the shuai ge leaned backwards and our eyes locked again.
And he was smiling slightly.
Dunno la...but ppl with small eyes always seem to smile.
And he had a smiley face anyway, can't imagine how he would look if he got angry la.
I pretended I was just glancing around, so I looked left and right lo.
Then back to drinking my tea and listening to the talk.

After that, the Indian family went home.
I looked over to their table again (can't resist ma!) and again he looked over at me!! smiling slightly again in that lazy yet handsome way.
SO SHUANG!!! hahaha
btw we were quite far apart the diagonal distance of two corners of a classroom.
Then I dunno what to do lo, scared I will laugh out loud, so bent my head trying to control my mouth lo.

This happened quite a number of times.

Miss him so much!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw when we finally decided to go home, we passed by his table.
Rupa-rupanya my grandmother kenal the uncle de o.

I can't stop thinking of his smile leh, from yesterday till now!!!
I really let him sot dao liao! ^^

ok don't think too badly of me after this post.
I assure you I didn't return a single smile, ok?


Terence伟权 said...

hey.....look like quite interesting...can tell me the details ma???

玩具 said...

haha...details all up there lo...
thx for viewing yar...but i dunno who you are o...can intro?


Terence伟权 said... name woei chyuan....jz pass by...u can call me Terence too....full time student....currently study a UTAR Kampar.Ever stay at Kajang b4...for further info, u may refer to

玩具 said...

oic...i have a few friends also study there de o...nice to meet u...hehe ^^